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What Are The Benefits Of Implementing Workspace as a Service (WaaS)?

Many organizations provide Workspace as a Service, specializing in market-leading workspace solutions, including VMWare Workspace One and Citrix Workspace.

The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to affect the way businesses function. Implementing the new remote setups has become essential to keep up in the competitive market. Companies must migrate to a remote workforce, but they may not be prepared. Many organizations provide Workspace as a Service (WaaS), specializing in market-leading workspace solutions, including VMWare Workspace One and Citrix Workspace.

Workspace-as-a-Service allows businesses to set up whenever and wherever. They choose, fulfilling employee demands rather than force them to adapt to a traditional working structure.

There are various advantages to using WaaS for your company.

  • Increased productivity  With the integration of WaaS, businesses will experience improved staff productivity. Employees will access their desktops and utilize all their applications to conduct work-related tasks even if they are on the road. And, even if workers are working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak. They will be able to use their whole toolkit.
  • Work and life balance – Employees will have a far better work-life balance in normal conditions. If parents have a sick child and must stay at home, they can finish their work rather than take the entire day off. Further, allowing employees to work from home reduces commuting times and will enable them to balance many commitments outside of work.
  • Reduced Costs  WaaS is a cloud-based service, so your business will save money by not having to pay for and maintain on-premise servers and hardware. Most organizations will continue to employ outdated technology, which requires more maintenance to stay functioning because the upfront cost of new hardware is a limiting issue for them.WaaS charges a fixed monthly rate based on the number of users who use the service. This function will make budgeting considerably more accessible, allowing you to focus on other pressing issues. You will even save money on your monthly power bill because you won’t have any on-premise servers.

The benefits of implementing Workspace and Digital Workspace are following –

  • Flexibility – The adaptability of solutions like WaaS is an essential component of a successful digital transformation plan, and it’s a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. However, there is still potential for improvement. Although 40% of US firms provide flexible workplace alternatives, only 7% make it available to the bulk of their employees. We should expect these percentages to climb as SMBs catch up with their bigger counterparts and seek to enhance the flexibility of their workspaces.
  • Productivity – The goal of deploying a WaaS solution in your company is to provide your employees with a consistent working experience regardless of where they are or what device they are using. A successful solution will allow you to sign in once and use it across all of your devices, allowing your data to practically “follow” you around without ever losing your work or access to it. Employees will be capable of continuing working even if they are in a challenging situation.
  • Security A robust WaaS solution should guarantee uptime, secure data, and provide cybersecurity protection against viruses, phishing, and data theft. Migrating data and applications to the cloud in some form or another is a big part of digital transformation efforts. A significant issue in determining what kind of WaaS platform. You want for your business is ensuring that data is secure and protected from threats. Given that SMBs are the target of nearly half of all cyberattacks. Firms must have a solid preventative and contingency strategy in place to mitigate the potential and effects of an attack.
  • Cost efficiency – With WaaS, you pay a monthly charge while the vendor invests in hardware on their end, ensuring that you don’t waste money on obsolete technology. This also applies to software requirements like licensing management and software deployment. Both of which can be handled considerably more easily via the cloud.Workspaces to be set up for employees using a cloud service, making onboarding easier for IT professionals. Then there’s the opportunity to scale your cloud resources according to your need. Unlike traditional data centers, which require significant upfront investment and ongoing upkeep, cloud data centers are scalable.

The wrapping up

In brief, Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) is opening up new chances and opportunities for businesses of every size. Those adopting the model are evolving more agile, intelligent, and strong. Processes are becoming more employee-focused without surrendering efficiency or quality. The signs of the times indicate that things are about to change.

Companies would struggle to fulfill future business demands and create a modern. Appealing workspace for their employees if they do not have a fundamental understanding of cloud computing. However, companies’ trust in data security must increase before cloud-based data and software can be widely deployed.

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