What Are The Top Secrets To Look At When Picking A T-Shirt

When you step outside in the streets of the city, you see people wearing cool t-shirts – it can be baggy, loud, or faded. You get inspired by their choice many times, don’t you? The next thing that comes into your mind is buying a t-shirt for your closet. 

Now the question is can a basic t-shirt give you an amazing look? What are the important things to consider when picking up a t-shirt?

The simple answer is you can wear a simple t-shirt and look amazing. T-shirts are loved by everybody and they serve every purpose, from casual to sporty events.

You need to know that there are some secrets when you look for a simple t-shirt to look good in that wear. The t-shirt may feel like a simple garment in the first look but it holds a special place in our closet. 

Have a look at some of the common tips you need to follow for buying the best tee!

1. Paying notice to the dress code 

What is the most important aspect of wearing a t-shirt? To know where and when it is perfectly fine to wear. Some of the functions require proper old suit and tie attire, or a shirt with a collar. You can’t wear a t-shirt where you are not supposed to!

Sublimation printing t shirts are only fit if the event is casual or you are wearing them for your normal look. When there is a specific dress code, you can’t take the risk of wearing causal t-shirts to the office or any wedding. This will be really odd! 

Obviously, a t-shirt gives you confidence and a great look, but they are not supposed to be worn everywhere. They have their own time and place. So, going according to the occasion is what you need to always consider.

2. Knowing the body type 

Not everyone has that cool body that any apparel can grace up. Are you among them? Go wearing t-shirts! How you can look amazing in a t-shirt if you are not that physically sound?

There are different body shapes which you need to measure to ensure that tee will good the best on you.

The first t-shirt you try is not necessarily fit you properly as not all t-shirts tend to fit every body size. If you have extra weight, you should not go with a tight-fitting t-shirt.

If you are too skinny, go with a proper t-shirt that goes well with your body. A simple t-shirt can do a sensational job so that your body looks great on whatever you wear. 

3. Fitting of t-shirt 

When you choose a t-shirt, there are 2 things associated with its fitting. One is it should follow the body shape and the other is it does not cause any kind of irritation to your body.

Why the fitting is so much important? This is because it is the most important aspect of style. When you wear perfectly fitted clothes, your personality automatically gets revealed, just simple as that! 

Go with the t-shirt brand that perfectly goes with your body shape. Choosing the wand that you buy often to escape multiple trials. There are also some guidelines that can be proven beneficial while choosing a new tee.

Common queries like if the t-shirt fits you closely without tightening around the chest and waist if the shoulder has a joint line up with the shoulder end.

Take care of the shoulder area specifically for the perfect fitting. Also, keep a check on the sleeves and see if it covers your biceps.

Go for a bit loose sleeves because the tight can restrict the circulation of air. The shirt should be long enough so that you can raise your arms without revealing the midsection. Don’t go with the one that goes all the way with your lap area.

4. Type of t-shirt 

There are different types of t-shirts – V neck and crew neck. Which one to choose? The former one looks best of fitted personality. It has a deep-cut highlight and gives a clear built-up chest of a person.

This type of t-shirts creates an allusion to height and keeps a balance of the short neck or narrow face.

Talking about the crewnecks, these are the better option for those who have a thinner frame. Such styles don’t give exposure to your neck and give less attention to your upper body.

How would you choose the best tee? The choice is totally yours. Don’t expose your chest too much for whatever style you choose in the t-shirt.

Don’t go with a scoop or boat neck and choose v-neck designs. You can go in a t-shirt having custom sublimation printing. They serve as best for the visual complication and go with pocket fabric that can get a stretch. 

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