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What Does ISPConfig Do?

If you are one of our managed Hostens hosting customers, you do not need to install ISPConfig 3 on your CentOS 7 VPS and ask an administrator to relax and sit back. If you use one of the managed ISPConfig hosting plans, it is pre-installed and ready to use.

Now that we have our base system up and running, we can start installing the services of ISPConfig and the managed software it supports. We now have all our ISPConfig servers up and running once the services are installed.

ISPConfig is a complete interface

As you can see, ISPConfig is a complete interface through which we manage all aspects of our VPS and dedicated servers. Remember that there is little to discuss except to note that the hosting control panel allows us to perform administrative task. Such as domain management, email server management and many other functions. ISPConfig is a full hosting control panel that allows us to manage our servers from a web browser.

In this section, we will detail what we can do with our ISPConfig panel. We start with the fact that with ISPConfig. We can manage one or more servers from a single control panel. As we go through the notes, we will see how every aspect of it is detailed, and we will also see some examples of what we do on our servers.

Installation, configuration and services

Installation, configuration and services must be included in ISPConfig. Remember that it does not run until someone introduces it, so if you are still in a basic setup, design an ISPConfig 3 installation yourself.

This tutorial shows how to prepare a CentOS 7 server for installation with ISPconfig 3 and how to install it on it for CentOS 7 (x86 64 ) with Nginx and Dovecot with it. As of version 3.0.4 ISPConfig supports Nginx in addition to Apache, so this tutorial describes how to set up a server with Nginx and not Apache.

ISPConfig is a control panel for your server

ISPConfig is a control panel for your server which allows you to configure your domain, email address, website configuration and user account. It allows administrators to manage websites, emails, DNS records and more through a web-based interface. ISPConfig is an open source hosted control panel on Linux with a user friendly web interface – user can manage their website using an email address and FTP account, DNS entry, database and shell account.

While ISPConfig can be used to manage a single server, it can also be used to maintain multiple servers, including virtual and physical ones. If you manage only one server with ISPConfig, use it to manage up to several servers.

Hosting offers

Some hosting sites offer ISPConfig to handle the details of installing and maintaining ISPConfig. Which can be a cost-effective alternative to other hosting control panel software. However, very few hosts have it pre-installed. So you will need to install it yourself on a VPS or dedicated server.

Friends, today we are talking about ISPConfig, which is currently one of the most popular host panels. While a few control panels tend to be used by hosts, many others, such as it, are available to download. Also it is easy to use.

The client tools in ISPConfig 

Whether you are configuring many different services on one machine or managing only part of your system. The client tools in ISPConfig make this an easy task. Install, configure and manage the services required to host web services on your node using it. The Host Managed module sets up a complete host node with service-specific configurations, running nodes for master, DNS, mail, web.

You can use two hosts on the web

You can use two hosts on the web to run the nameserver, the other is the host with the nameserver. If you install ISPConfig on a host and it has a static IP address, you can also use it as a nameserver. The IP number used for the server can be used as the host name. But if the service does not work or the name does not resolve as intended. The IP number is better than the IP address.

The multi-server setup is installed on one host

The ispconfig portion of this tutorial assumes that the multi-server setup is installed on one host (name service) and two hosts (also name service). To install three hosts in the ISP configuration. The hosts must be used in the multi-host setup.

You can set up an ISPConfig multiserver setup with one host and the other hosts. If you need more than one name server and already have a host on which you have installed it. You can add another host to the ISPConfig setup.

Can add a new domain

You can add a new domain if you already have a domain in your host package by clicking the Add New Domain button on the top of the domain overview, or you can modify a domain by clicking the domain name. You can also set up your own name service, for example by using the name service of your host.

To access it, you will get a screen that shows an overview of your existing email domains. None, none or configured. The main part of this screen shows the currently configured domains. In this case, the only domain currently configured is examplenet. Click on the server name in the list that appears on the left.

All in all

You should now be able to configure information about your new website. Click System in the top menu and Server Config in the right menu. Add the ISP3Node Hosting Installation that is included for the ISPConfig3 Master Panel Server (not to host customer data) to create the Panel Master database.

Source: hostens.com

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