What is a Colombian Investment Visa, and how to apply for it?

Are you looking to invest in Colombia? If so, obtaining a Colombia Investment Visa may be the key to unlocking your business opportunities in this vibrant country. Colombia is becoming an attractive destination for foreign investors, with many industries and sectors ripe for investment. This guide will discuss everything you need about the different types of Colombia Investment Visa and how to apply for one for your successful investment journey. So keep reading!

Colombia Investment Visa

The Colombian investment visa grants foreigners up to three years of residence in the nation to engage in investment operations that conform to the investment requirements of Colombia. It can be used to prove your temporary or permanent residency and renewed indefinitely.

This visa is also open to businesspeople, investors, and professionals from other countries who meet Colombia’s visa requirements.

Investment of at least US$100,000 in a Colombian company or project is required to issue the Colombian Investment Visa. In addition to a legitimate travel document and proof of funds, you’ll need these things to enter Colombia.

Types of Colombia Investment Visa

Resident Investor’s Visa

Foreign people can apply for this visa if they invest at least $100,000 in Colombia. Those who invest in real estate or government debt may qualify for permanent residency. After investing, you’ll be eligible for a three-year stay in Colombia under this visa and can have permanent residency after two years.

Investors of any nationality are welcome to apply, so long as they meet the other criteria and have lived in Colombia continuously for at least two of the five years before application that your net worth exceeds $100,000 in the United States.

Make a government-sanctioned investment of at least US$40,000 in a legitimate Colombian business or initiative. Jobs or technical advancement in Colombia are prerequisites for investment.

Business Owner visa

Investors who wish to establish a business in Colombia are eligible for this visa. The bare minimum to get started is $30,000.

The company must have been established in Colombia for at least two years before registration is allowed. In addition, at least five people must be working for the company.

The visa applicant must also demonstrate that they can access USD 60,000 to launch or expand their business in Colombia.

Retirement or Pension Visa

Retirees looking to relocate to Colombia can apply for this special visa. That is one angle from which to examine it. You can invest your retirement funds in Colombia with an investment visa. The bare minimum to get involved is $200,000.

You must be 55 or older and receive a $1,000 monthly pension to apply for the retirement visa.

How to Apply for a Colombia Investment Visa

An investment visa for Colombia can be requested electronically. Visas to Colombia are also available at Colombian embassies and consulates worldwide. Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Newark, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Washington, DC, all host Colombian consulates.

Obtaining a visa for Colombia is a breeze because of the internet. Visas for Colombia are now available for online application. Upload PDFs of all essential documents plus a JPG of your photo with your application. In addition, a comprehensive online application manual is also available online.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for issuing visitor visas to Colombia. There is no longer any need to physically visit Bogota to obtain a visa stamp due to the coronavirus.

Another major perk of working with a visa service is their assistance compiling your supporting documentation and information. The fee covers immigration guidance, visa application, visa registration, and a foreigner identification card application.

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