What is a lanyard used for ?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you imagine your office? Of course, your desk, your office cup, a picture of your family on your desk, your favorite coworker, your lunch buddy, maybe you won’t mention it, but you think about the lanyard card holder as well. As you wear it all day long. It is with you in every meeting, in every situation that you may “confront”.

When we go to the hospital, or to some event, even in prison, everywhere we go we wear lanyards. They are a really small but important part of our life. Display badges, tickets, and ID cards for identification all would not exist if there weren’t lanyards.

If you think lanyards are just for badges you are wrong. Lanyards have other functions as well.
Let’s see what is a lanyard used for.

Lanyards for Climbing

For climbers, safety is the most important thing. Their life is on the brink literally. So, they need the best tools and equipment for climbing. You will be surprised but they do use high-quality lanyards for climbing. They even have a name for these kinds of lanyards, they are called lineman lanyards.

These lineman lanyards are strong and durable, as they have to be reliable so the user can feel safe while using them.

Lanyards for military

It is quite surprising but lanyards are used for military equipment as well. Again, they should be quite strong and durable.
Lanyards in the military have a long history. They have also been used to indicate the rank of a soldier.

Lanyards for promoting

Lanyards are the best tools for promoting a company. So, companies use lanyards for their advertisement and publicity. The name of the company or logo can be printed on lanyards and people who wear them can be impressed by it, so it will make a long-lasting impression on them.

Lanyards of the companies can be given as a gift or souvenirs. The main idea of this trick is to make people recall your brand.

Lanyards as an art

Lanyards are very practical but they can be also beautiful, why not? In some schools, there are courses for making lanyards and using them in everyday life. Triangle knots, Chinese knots, and butterfly knots are quite popular among pupils.
Everyone can make lanyards but machines usually make the common ones.

Lanyards like holders

I’m sure one of your uncles has lanyards that hold his smartphone, you may make fun of him, but it is really useful, why not? If you forget things, it is the best help for you. Not only for smartphones but there are lanyards also for keys, digital cameras, and for other electronic devices.

So, if you don’t want to leave your phone in your car then walk back to take it, buy lanyards. They can also be like an accessory, so a leather lanyard is the best idea for an accessory.
With lanyards, you will always have your both hands free. Make coffee or type, and your phone will be near you.

If you know somebody who is in love with lanyards you can give them a present. Luxury leather goods are always a good idea, so if you can afford leather, buy them a leather lanyard.
Leather shop Singapore offers a big variety of leather lanyards. So, don’t hesitate to have a look at their products. 

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