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What Is The Best Kitchen Table For A Small Kitchen?

The one that will allow you to get maximum functionality – and at the same time take up a minimum of space.

According to the area, you should choose the dining table. First of all, using the square footage calculator determines the square area where you’re going to put the table set. 

1. Folding 

Owners of tiny kitchens (of which there are many in the houses of the old fund in the regions and in new buildings) should pay attention to the folding options. From a full-fledged (albeit usually small) countertop, this furniture turns into a compact wall console – and takes up very little space. 

2. Foldable

Complement it with folding chairs – and, if you wish, you can organize a dining area in any of the premises of the apartment. And it is just as easy to “hide” it.

3. Transforming

Transforming tables in a wide variety of variations is a godsend for tiny rooms. There are models that can turn from miniature bedside tables into a dining area for a large family, and at the same time offer additional storage. 

There are tables that fold out from coffee tables to dining tables. And, of course, the most common option is a compact transforming dining table with a folding tabletop, behind which a rather large company of guests can fit, pay attention.


You can choose a small transforming table that turns into a larger one in the case of frequent guests arriving, as well as in situations where a large family does not coincide in schedules – and rarely gathers for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as a whole.

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4. Retractable

An extremely compact model, a kind of “secret” dining area – a pull-out option. It can slide into the headset or be part of the dining room storage system, completely hiding as unnecessary – and moving out into the full dining area when needed.

What kitchen tables are in fashion: 6 trends

When wondering how to choose a good kitchen table, you probably also want to know which kitchen tables are in fashion right now. 

1. Wooden 

The fashion for eco-style and natural materials made natural wood even more popular (although it never went out of style anyway). Thinking about which kitchen table is better to buy so that it combines practicality, durability, beauty, and timeless relevance.

2. Metallic 

Metal in all its forms burst into the top decorative trends a few seasons ago – and, it seems, is not going to leave it. Metal dining furniture is a fashion trend. Bonus: most often, such models look laconic, elegant, and do not overload the interior.

3. Stone countertops 

Another major trend is natural stone (especially marble, travertine). Tabletops made of this material look extremely impressive and possible. They are also heat-resistant and wear-resistant. Minus: natural stone is a rather heavy material, as well as a significant item of expenses for repairs.

4. Transparent furniture

The ability to discreetly place, literally dissolve a large piece of furniture in space is a good bonus. That is why transparent tables, chairs, and even whole transparent islands are in trend.

5. Bar tables

High bar-type tables are another relevant option. Such a model will be especially appropriate in a loft interior, in a kitchen, in a modern setting.


In a small kitchenette, a bar table can become the center of the main dining group, and in more spacious rooms it can serve as an auxiliary area.

Refusal from the dining group

Oddly enough, a complete rejection of the usual dining group in the kitchen is also among the trends. 

In a number of situations, such a solution will be really good, justified:

  • if the kitchenette is very tiny, and there is simply nowhere to install a traditional dining area;
  • if the dining group is located in another room (for example, in the living room);
  • if the role of the dining area is taken over by an island, a bar counter, or a countertop window sill.

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