what is UV printing ? and 100 ideas to make money

Find out what UV printing is

UV LED printing is a type of marking that consists of applying ink on the materials but with the difference that the drying is almost immediate. For this, a burst of ultraviolet light is applied with the LEDs of the printing machine.

For many of us, this technique is a true revolution in the world of advertising and personalized items. And it is that the incredible UV led lamps print in a short time and with a wide variety of colors. In many cases, they replace common and popular marking or printing techniques such as screen printing , pad printing or sublimation.

Take advantage of UV printing

In Industrad we want to list the advantages offered by this type of printing:

  • It is used in many materials such as plastic, wood, metal, ceramic and many more
  • Stamping time is reduced because drying is very fast
  • The price does not rise much if it is applied in small units
  • The result is of extreme quality and there is no color limit

With these printers we can print in full color on almost any flat surface such as personalized notebooks , photo frames , power banks , lighters , personalized pen drives and many more objects. Undoubtedly, over time this technique will end with common techniques such as screen printing or pad printing .

They do not have a photolith or the usual traditional screen. The UV printing in Pakistan is perfect for promotional items with short runs, one or few units to a color or color photographs; These actions with traditional methods would not be feasible due to the high costs they entail.

Professionals in the printing industry often ask two questions:

  1. How to expand your portfolio and enter new markets to increase your profits?
  2. What printing equipment can help you do this quickly and easily integrate into your daily production flow?

The answers lie in object personalization and UV printing.

According to the Nester Study , the global UV-LED printing market reached 278.3 million euros in 2016 and is expected to grow to 550 by 2024. Thanks to the flexibility of printing technology UV, users can print on hundreds of different items and on a wide range of materials.

The only limit is the imagination. Print a single article or prepare a template so you can print multiple objects in a single run.

Discover in the following infographic some of the most popular possibilities of UV printing: (click on the image to download)

Can I print anything?

Yes. With Roland UV printers, the possibilities are fascinating. Roland UV printers print on paper, PVC, plastic, methacrylate, metal, wood, canvas, leather, clothing, bamboo, and more *. In addition, the option of primer allows you to further expand the selection of materials including glass and ceramics UV machines print on (practically) any object thanks to:

  1.   Instant ink curing thanks to UV light.
  2.   UV inks do not etch or degrade the material and can be applied to delicate surfaces.
  3.   The low temperature of UV lamps allows printing on heat sensitive products.

Where can your business go thanks to UV printing?

The most interesting thing about UV printing is its flexibility and the creative potential it offers. The most significant trend is the growth in demand for personalization of products and promotional items. Consumers want to buy something unique, that stands out from the masses. This has quickly become a huge market, with enormous potential, for UV printing.

UV printing offers high potential for customization of multiple applications. The infographic summarizes some of the possibilities, but if you really want to know how UV printing can help your business, download the UV Printing Guide for free.

In its more than 40 pages full of ideas, you will also discover how to apply varnish, create textures and 3D effects to make your production more memorable, and thus increase your profit margin.

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