What to Look for in RV Storage Facilities?

Placeholder Storage is one of the leading RV storage facility providers in Texas

Placeholder Storage is one of the leading RV storage facility providers in Texas

Camping and traveling in an RV can be a fun activity for people to enjoy. RVs represent a significant investment that you want to keep protected from weather, people up to no good, and the harsh rays of the sun. The average RV owners use their recreational vehicle for just over 30 days each year. However, that leaves more than 330 days of the year that it needs to be stored in a place that protects such a big investment. When looking for storage facilities, there are a few things to look for that signal the facility is a quality operation. Here is what you should look for when browsing storage facilities in Texas:

RV Storage Type

There is a wide range of RV storage options available that suit your different RV’s needs. If your garage is too small but you’ve got excess space on your property, you can take advantage of that space, however, you could be violating any property codes. Indoor RV storage facilities are purpose-built to keep your RV safe and intact with most having 24-hour security and access.

Outdoor RV storage facilities offer a storage service tailored to RVs that doesn’t give your motor vehicle a physical shelter to keep it covered. A vehicle storage lot is a storage space for a range of different vehicles and since a vehicle storage lot is not built with your RV specifically in mind, it’s a more cost-effective solution for storing your RV.

RV Storage Size

Depending on the size of your RV, you want to know that your mobile home will have a proper amount of space to avoid any scrapes and bumps with other vehicles being stored. Some of the lower-end vehicle storage lots are more preoccupied with squeezing as many vehicles into a space as possible, rather than the safety and condition of your RV.

Therefore, it’s important to do due diligence on the number of vehicles that are currently being stored in a particular facility or lot, and the dimensions of your own RV.  Ultimately, the selection of RV storage unit sizes you’ll be selecting from has a lot to do with the kind of space and protection the vehicle will receive.

RV Storage Rates

Cost is one of the most important when it comes to looking for RV storage. You’ve likely already made a significant financial outlay on your motorhome, so adding significant costs on top of this is not exactly desirable. For outdoor RV storage rates, the price generally ranges from $50 to $125 or more per month.

Being at the more affordable end of the RV storage choices, vehicle storage lots prices start from as low as $30 a month, rising to $60. It’s always wise to thoroughly check reviews online and to go see the lot before deciding to rent out a space for your motorhome, as lots with poor amenities and a lack of security can result in you incurring unforeseen costs to storing your RV.

RV Storage Security & Access

Your RV’s security should be of utmost concern to the lot or facility you leave it in.  To ensure you know that your RV will be taken care of properly, find out whether the storage unit you’re considering has 24-hour security.

You can take a comprehensive tour of a storage facility before making a decision and ask to be shown the ins and outs of a unit. You should be observant of where the cameras are placed, how the alarms are triggered, and if there’s sufficient protection against criminals climbing over walls and getting into your RV.

Where can you store your RV in Texas?

If you’re looking for the perfect storage space for your RV in Texas, Placeholder Storage is the place to go. Placeholder Storage is a well-renowned company that can provide an appropriate place to park your RV for any amount of time. Their parking stations also have dedicated electrical hookups to maintain battery charges as well as fully operational 24/7 security cameras with electrical fences. People can also take benefit from the on-site wash and dump stations for their vehicles.

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