Where to Get Your iPhone 6s Screen Replaced?

When it was first launched, the iPhone 6s brought a lot of features that were completely new for the iPhone community. Features like 3D Touch, front camera retina flash, dynamic “Live Photos”, and many more ‘firsts’. Recently, Apple announced that the iPhone 6s would be eligible for an iOS 15 upgrade, extending the life of this smartphone a bit longer. So if you have an iPhone 6s lying around which you aren’t using due to a broken screen, it could be beneficial to get the iPhone 6s screen replacement done rather than throwing it away.

While the iPhone 6s might not compete with the bleeding-edge flagships of today, it is still a snappy device and could be a great choice for casual day-to-day usage. If you are looking to get the screen replaced, here are some places you can try.

Authorized Apple Service Centre

We are going to go out on a limb and say that your iPhone 6s is not under warranty still. For repairing or replacing parts for an iPhone that are out of warranty, Apple can charge an exorbitant amount of money, which in some places can even exceed the original price you paid for the device. If you choose to go ahead with the Apple service centre, you can either carry the device to the nearest Apple Store or you can opt for a mail-in repair in which Apple will send you a labelled box to ship it to the service centre as per your convenience.

Third-Party Repair Store

These are your mom-and-pop repair shops that are present near your home and in markets. Getting the iPhone 6s screen replacement done from here can be really cheap but you have to be sure of the parts they are using. Cheap and non-genuine products can sound like a good deal at first but can end up causing more harm to your device than it was before.

Service Providers like Rapid Repair

If you don’t want to spend too much and are not sure about installing non-genuine parts just to save some money, you can send your device over to mobile repair service providers like Rapid Repair. While these are not an Authorized service centre, they are also not your typical around-the-corner repair shop that uses cheap products to earn profit. They provide free home pickup and drop so that you don’t have to get out of the house and use only genuine parts sourced from trusted suppliers to fix your device. The best part is that the repair is affordable, pocket-friendly and comes backed with a service guarantee as well.

While six years can be a long time in terms of smartphone years, the 2015 released iPhone 6s can still hold its own in 2022. And with the latest iOS update coming its way, it can even beat phones that are available in its price range as well. This makes it a sensible choice to get your iPhone 6s repaired rather than buying a new phone. If you are looking for iPhone 6s screen replacement, battery replacement, or any other kind of repair work, choose a trusted service provider like Rapid Repair rather than using cheap products or giving too much money to an Authorized Apple repair centre.

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