Why Choose Freight Forwarding Companies for Shipping from China?

Choosing Freight Forwarding Companies for Shipping from China?

China has been the center of trade and business for centuries. China started with the famous silk trade route that came out to be a historic trade relation with the world. The silk trade route was one of the most popular and profitable trade routes. The silk and spices were traded from China to Central Asia, the Middle East, and even some parts of Europe. China is the most populous nation in the world. The vast number population is the basis for cheap labor. Businesses around the world prefer Chinese goods as they are cheap in cost due to cheap labor.
Historically trade was very difficult and trade routes were sometimes unsafe.

Shipping From China

But recently the concept of globalization has eased international trade. Now traders can do shipping from china to USA, shipping from China to UK and any other country with a minimum of risk. Recently, the concept of E-commerce has further increased the demand for Chinese products, due to the ease in international trade and business. Shipping from China is mainly done through sea freight and air freight. In these of trade with neighboring countries Pakistan, Central Asia, and Russia the trade is done through the land.
The concept of using freight forwarders in international trade especially in E-commerce businesses has created ease in trade. As the concept of E-commerce business is expanding so is the idea of using freight forwarders for international trade. There are a lot of freight forwarding companies such as DDP Transfreight, DHL, FedEx, that are managing shipping from china.
To discuss the details of shipping from China to different parts of the world, here are a few points that need understanding. Especially the benefit of using freight forwarders while shipping from china to USA and shipping from china to UK. And shipping from china to Australia. Shipping from China to USA and shipping from china to UK, is either done by sea freight or air freight. As well as shipping from china to Australia, as there is no land route between these countries and China. We will also discuss multiple options of Sea freight or air freight shipping from china.

Reasons for Choosing Shipping Company from China

Any company from China to any other country prefers to use freight forwarding companies. There are multiple reasons and benefits why a company prefers freight forwarding company over other options. It is not only convenient but also cost-effective using the services for shipping. Apart from other benefits of hiring shipping services is the door to door services. Let us discuss in detail these benefits of using freight forwarding company while we ship goods from china. Services of a freight forwarder are preferred both by the seller and buyer of goods from china alike.

Benefits of Using Freight Forwarders for Managing the Shipping of Goods from China

  1. Fast Delivery

    Fastest delivery is the topmost benefit of using the service of a freight forwarder for shipping goods from China. In businesses, especially the E-commerce business the fastest delivery is very important nowadays. There is a lot of competition among the business, that is offering similar products and competitive rates. The customer prefers to buy the product from the company that is offering the fastest availability of the product. So we can easily say that the freight forwarder service is beneficial for the business and also in sustaining business competition. Due to this benefit of faster delivery, the business prefers freight forwarders for shipping from china.

  2. Cheaper Cost

    The second most important benefit of using a freight forwarder in shipping goods from china is cheaper transportation cost. The cost of any product is one of the most important aspects for any business to succeed. Any factor that can help the business in cutting its cost, will be preferred by the business. The cheaper cost will translate into a low sale price of the product. As the company will transfer the benefit to the customer. The lower sales price will result in increased sales of the product. The increased sale will result in higher profits for the company.
    While using the services of a freight forwarder the business can save their cost in lower handling expenses. Apart from lower handling costs, freight forwarders also help in managing the cost of shipping.

  3. Best Marketing Knowledge

    By choosing the service of the freight forwarder over other options gives the company the edge over its competitors. It is due to the fact that the freight forwarders have better knowledge of logistics and shipping. Better knowledge of shipping from china and logistics is due to the fact they handle cargo for multiple companies. Better knowledge and connections in shipping and logistics mean they can have better freight offers. Finding cheap Sea freight or air freight rates can be tricky for companies, while a routine for freight forwarders. The better cheap rates will eventually help the business in increasing its sales and profits. Freight forwarders with offices in multiple countries can handle logistics and shipping better in China as well as other countries.

  4. Personalized Services

    One of the most important benefits of using the services of freight forwarders is the personalized services they offer. Forwarders managing the shipping of goods from china help in enhancing the operation and management of logistics and shipping. They offer personalized services for air freight or sea freight for the shipping of goods from China. Freight forwarders are always the best option for hassle-free delivery of products around the world from China.

Few Famous courier companies

China is the center of international trade and business, especially E-commerce business. So all famous freight forwarding companies are offering their services. These freight forwarding companies are offering shipping from china to Australia, the USA, the UK, and other countries of the world. A few famous freight forwarding companies are as follows:

  • DDP Transfreight
    DDP Transfreight is a very credible name in the field of forwarding from China & Pakistan to the USA, UK, and Australia. It offers the door to door service of trans freight logistics. It is offering the DDP Delivered duty paid service both through air freight and sea freight cargo. This company has been offering high-quality customer personalized services for transporting from China. Its persistent shipping quality has earned it a reputable name among the trader, especially from USA, UK, and Australia. DDP Transfreight is a trustworthy company offering the fastest door to door delivery from China.
  • FedEx
    It is one of the largest companies around the world especially when we are talking about shipping goods from China. It has offices in multiple countries around the world. Managing shipping to and from most of the countries globally. It is a trusted name in the courier industry. It has a long history of more than 4 decades, with growth and customer satisfaction. FedEx is a USA based company.
  • UPS
    UPS united parcel services is an American-based company, with headquarter in Atlanta USA. A trusted name in E-commerce industry. Having Offices in multiple countries around the world. It is one of the priority freight forwarding company in USA. It is one of the oldest courier company in the world.


The increase in demand of E-commerce businesses since the pandemic Covid-19, as increased the demand. More and more businesses are interested in shipping their product from China due to cheap labor. There are multiple options of transporting goods from China to the world especially USA, UK and Australia. The best way of shipping from China is using the services of freight forwarders for sea freight or air freight cargo. Using services of Freight forwarding companies have multiple benefits for traders. Freight forwarders can arrange the fastest delivery, with cheap rates, offering the best-personalized services for hassle-free door to door delivery. There are multiple companies that are handling shipping from China. But some of the few famous of these companies are DDP Transfreight, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. These companies are trustworthy and are well experienced in shipping of goods from China to the world. The high-quality services of these companies have earned them a better name among other competitors. These companies has created ease in shipping from china.

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