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Why do we Need to Convert Files to PDF Format?

Need of converting Image File Formats to Pdf Format

Saved from the Mess

There are numerous edges in converting image files from Jpeg, Png or Bmp formats to PDF format rather than saving them in their native formats.

Save More

At the outset, PDF files do take not as much space on your hard disk as image files. The size of images varies and may be contingent on the resolution of the image.


The expandability of images usually creates problems while printing. The print quality of an image file depends solely on the resolution, and the hardcopy may have a dissimilar printed form.

Last, but not least

Finally, yet importantly, image files cannot be scaled down to a small-sized image so well. It creates a muddle if the image file contains

    • Icons
    • Symbols
    • Text 

Advantages of converting Image to .Pdf file format

  • Easy sharing

It is convenient to share among peers and easy to read

  • Reduce but doesn’t loose

PDF is predominantly useful if we have a pool of images. It reduces file size but image resolution remains the same

  • Save it

The up-gradation in technology results in growth in image resolution, making it larger. By converting it into .pdf can save storage space without hurting its originality

Thus you can you the preferable tool for converting images to PDF easily, It will save your time, and also you can reduce your size and load time of it.

Disadvantages of conversion Image to .Pdf

  • Limitations

Nothing is perfect in this world. Pdf offers easy accessibility and there are a few limitations as well. Particular software has a variety of functions that aren’t compatible with pdf file format resulting in difficulty in editing and re-saving.

  • Unfit Methods

We should Keep in mind that with the image to pdf conversion using unsuitable or inappropriate methods may slow the process, render the image or the quality can be compromised.

Need of converting Excel (Xls) File Formats to Pdf File Formats

No Mess

There are plentiful advantages in converting excel files to PDF file format. Its easy accessibility gives the user to freely view and edit the file without disturbing the native formatting. Rows and columns are intact and cannot be disturbed until and unless editor mode is on.

Universal format

Due to its durability, it is today’s need to convert all possible formats into pdf format. Every format can be accessed whether you have their particular software installed or not. You need a pdf reader only in your system rather than having a pile of other software.

Advantages of converting Excel (.xls) to .pdf file format

  • Durability 

Pdf file format offers exceptional security options, making them a usual choice if we have to save the files for longer-run

  • No peeking 

We can keep our financial records secure and protected with an advanced password-protected facility. It helps us decide whether we can to give access to employees or customers or not

  • Best choice

PDFs are imperative for present business processes.  Nowadays, many organizations rely on virtual billing and paperless record keeping. They are preferring virtual invoices to customers, all in PDF format.

  • Ease in Printing

It gives ease in printing as well. There will be no issue of rows and columns alignment. We can view the whole spreadsheet and print it as a whole or an area without disturbing the original formatting.

  • Accessibility

By converting an Excel file to a PDF file will permit anyone; only if the file isn’t password-protected, to open it, save it or edit it. They can view it even if they don’t have Microsoft Office installed on their device.

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Disadvantages of conversion Excel to .Pdf

  • Outdated Version

We need to keep up the pace with technological advancements. Older versions of pdf might not support the newer functionality of spreadsheets. It may cause problems while converting excel files into pdf.

  • Difficulty in editing

Pdf is secure hence they don’t allow instant editing. We need to convert it back to Xls and then edit it. Then again convert it to pdf. Chances of errors during the conversions exist.

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