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Why Montessori is the Best Education


Some people might ask why our family chose to follow the Montessori approach out of all the educational ideologies. I still struggle to explain our motivations despite studying the Montessori method for close to 7 years and living in a Montessori setting (at home and school). I frequently fumble my sentences and say things like “You just have to see it” or “It just makes sense.” To truly understand the advantages of the Montessori approach, in my opinion, you must observe it in use. It is challenging to sum up the many dimensions and outside of the classroom advantages in one or two phrases. But if I had to explain why a philosophy that has been around for more than a century is still relevant and effective despite a changing culture, I’d say this.

Reasons for Montessori education

Montessori facilitates a natural love for Learning

Some people claim that Montessori is too rigid, while others claim that it is too free. The reality lies somewhere in the middle. I like the idea of following the child. It might be challenging since our culture expects kids to grow up quickly. But once you start, you realize just how much more the child observes, appreciates, and learns about the world. The Montessori materials encourage a child’s innate curiosity and enable them to come up with innovative solutions. They enable the youngster to learn on their own. It instructs people on the process of discovery but does not provide a step-by-step guide. Red Maple Montessori is one of the best Montessori Schools in Islamabad.

Montessori Obtain from Reward

In a Montessori setting, there are no gold stars. Not a grade. No pointing out your intelligence! There is no incentive to study other than the child’s inner satisfaction. When they learn something new or realize they have mastered a new ability. (Montessori offers a very precise appreciation. I appreciate how active you are practicing your penmanship, for instance.

Which has in turn had an impact on society. Whether a child who has completed toilet training is rewarded with candy for eliminating properly, or whether a youngster can have dessert if they haven’t thrown a fit, etc.

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Parent Satisfaction

Parents are delighted with the education their children receive at the Montessori Academy and attribute their kids’ success in school and life to the solid educational foundations they receive.

Since June of last year, my son Benjamin has been attending Montessori Academy, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his development. He was unable to write or sound out letters when he first enrolled at the Montessori Academy. He is now able to write his name, read, and spell tiny words as well as capital and lowercase letters. Show-and-tell sessions, dress-up days, and daily challenges for the kids are just a few of the ways. The center actively seeks to make learning enjoyable. I am incredibly grateful to my son’s instructors for influencing his education in such a positive way.

Confident Lifelong Learner

Self-correction and self-evaluation are essential components of the Montessori educational process. As they advance through the Montessori curriculum, kids learn to examine their work critically, identify and fix their mistakes, and draw lessons from them. Our pupils develop the confidence and self-motivation necessary to become independent learners.

Montessori Education Fosters Independence

The Montessori classroom promotes independence in every way. The atmosphere is set up such that a youngster can learn to complete tasks that would typically be completed by an adult on their own. Children eventually start to take joy in performing independent tasks like dishwashing, tending to plants, and folding washcloths that are appropriate for children. The child feels empowered as a result, and their confidence and sense of accomplishment are greatly boosted.

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