Why You Should Invest In A Full Body MOT

It is never too early to be focused and more concerned about your health. Instead, it can be too late to do anything serious and prevent some illnesses that can come up. You can get serious about your health by going in for a Full Body MOT so you can protect yourself from health issues later in life. There are reputed clinics worldwide where one can get a full-body health check, but some people think it is not so important, especially when they eat well and exercise regularly.

The truth is that a healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to keep you healthy forever. Daily, we are exposed to stress that increases our risks of having devastating illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. These illnesses can lie in our body undetected for a long time and may surface only when it is too late or already too serious. This is why it is important to detect them early, and the best way to do this is by a full body MOT.

What is a full-body MOT?

The term MOT means Measurements, Observations and Tests. This means that a full-body MOT is a check-up that covers every part of your body and examines major parts of the body like the liver, heart and kidney. A full body MOT also takes record of health markers like cholesterol, protein, muscle mass and assess the individual’s risk of stroke.

MOTs are suitable for anyone, both man and woman, and it shows you ways that you can adopt to improve your health. With the help of advanced imaging technology, you will also receive sound advice for your health and lifestyle.

Why are full-body MOTs important?

Full body MOTs are highly important if you want to improve your current health condition or prevent illnesses. Due to the nature of the customised health screening, you can discover any underlying or dormant conditions and then take the necessary steps to treat them before they become life-threatening.

Know that there is no age group for full body MOT. This means that anyone at any age can go for it. At Blood London, there are packages we can offer you depending on your needs and concerns. This is to help you have that peace of mind during a MOT.

Some individuals may decide to go for a MOT at least twice a year, while others may decide to do so regularly. Generally, everyone will be comfortable with the idea of a full-body analysis that gives you an overview of your health.

What is the cost of a full-body MOT?

Because of their ability to detect potential health problems or dormant health abnormalities, full-body MOTs are usually considered to be worth what people pay for. There are different packages one can go for, and the cost of the MOT varies according to these packages.

At Blood London, your MOT can be personalised into the type of measurement, observations and test that you want. Examples of some packages we have include the Healthy Heart package, and prices start from £1,950. Other packages include the Core Cancer package, the Bespoke package, the Gold and Platinum health assessment. Note that the cost for a full-body MOT for a man may be slightly different from a woman because of some packages and disparity in the tests. Nonetheless, you can find out more about our full body MOT health package when you visit our health assessment page.

What are the benefits of MOT?

There is the problem of late detection of diseases, and this is one of the major causes of death through diseases. With a MOT, that problem is solved. Take a look at this example; a Premium Health assessment can detect about 92% of diseases that lead to death in about 96% of women.

The major benefit of MOT is that it identifies underlying or dormant health conditions and allows them to be acted on. Besides that, there are other benefits to getting a full body MOT. These benefits include the following

  1. It involves analysis of individual health on a deeper level and does not just involve uncovering hidden or underlying diseases.
  2. Several precise and appropriate imaging tests are used for the MOT process. It includes ultrasound, full body mole screen, MRI, CT, ECG, and even mammogram. This ensures that every part of the body is analysed with the right type of test and technology. In the end, the scans are reviewed by about seven or more experts in different areas of specialisation.
  3. The safety of every imaging technology used for body assessment is assured

How to care for your health every day

Cancer, stroke, diabetes, lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases are some of the major causes or leading causes of death. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Olgun Escortlar Beylikdüzü | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. While some of these are generally attributed to stress, bad lifestyle choices and unhealthy eating habits also have contribution.

The Rise of the Superbugs

Over the years, the average life expectancy has dropped significantly due to detrimental changes to people’s lifestyles. Nonetheless, all hope is not lost, as ones’ health can still be improved significantly. By eating right, exercising regularly and getting good sleep, you can greatly improve the quality of your life. Finally, although stress cannot be completely avoided you should try out things to control it. Keeping the stress levels low. staying away from alcohols and smoking will purify your health.

Contact us at Blood London if you want to book a full body MOT in London or if you want to know more about body check-ups. Book an appointment with us for a consultation by giving us a call or sending us an email.


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