10 Best Free Product Roadmap Tools For Product Managers

If you’re planning to develop an innovative product, you need to ensure that everyone in your team is aware of what the project is heading. There are a variety of tools that can assist you in planning, prioritizing and create a more effective strategy for the product.

These tools for determining product roadmaps will help product managers and teams that manage projects keep development in line in a controlled manner, specifically for SaaS companies. In this article, you will know the top 10 Roadmap Tools for Free that can be used by Product Managers.

The Product Roadmap Software is what it’s called?

OKR Software is used to outline the product’s roadmap and is a powerful tool that allows businesses to determine their next steps in the field of product design and marketing. It gives an in-depth visual description of the goals of the company regarding its products, and helps them prioritize their projects based on projects they will be working on the next.

Product roadmaps may assist managers of teams of product development stay organized by keeping everyone updated on how the team is performing in relation to the current projects, providing news on the most recent improvements or features, and listing what needs to be done next in one place.

What Are The Fundamental Principiaes of the The Best Free Tools for Product Roadmaps?

Before you are able to use any products roadmap tools that are suitable for product managers, you need to understand the requirements. It is vital to be aware since once you understand the basics then you can select the most effective tool for preparing a roadmap to use for the product managers. So, here are two most important things to consider for the guidelines for a product roadmap tool:

The User Interface (UI)

If you are looking for the most effective product roadmap tool, it should clearly define the beginning of, middle, and ending that the product will be working towards. Additionally, it should reveal what a manager must do to achieve the essential milestones throughout the course of the project. Furthermore, a neat and intuitive layout is required.


Before you choose a tool before you choose a tool, it is essential to understand that the product roadmap tool is simple to master. It is quick to plot the development path of a product using basic Gantt charts, or task progress swimlanes.

What are the 10 Top 10 Free Product Roadmap Software Software For A Product Manager?

As you may know Product managers are team members that are responsible for the creation of a product roadmap. They define the course for the other members of the team who provides direction with a clear vision, while providing a plan of action. However, they may also require some assistance. They can therefore use an outline that can help executives get on board and make sure that everyone on the team shares the same goals.

Here is a brief overview of each of the free product roadmap tools to help the product manager. It will help you understand the best features of each tool.


Saasfe is an application for creating product roadmaps that includes a range of tools to allow users to design vibrant interactive, interactive, as well as collaboration maps.

The tool allows you to start with your own objectives regarding the application, including more revenue or speedier implementations. Team members can prioritize the most important objectives, define each release and dependency date, and track the release’s progress all on the same platform.

Why Saasfe works the ideal tool for designing routes is because of its dedication. It is made for collaboration and custom maps.

In the end, Saasfe is an ideal tool to capture ideas that can be game-changing by providing the idea-sharing platform, which lets people cast votes over the ideas that are most exciting before deciding on the most popular ideas.


The first can be Wrike that is cloud-based roadmap for projects platform. It is the ideal tool for teams that have more than 20 people. It also has the ability to view workloads to manage resources, custom dashboards and live updates.

Additionally, you need to be aware that it’s an ideal choice for a variety of industries, including technology, finance, and advertising.


Monday.com is a website that offers free templates for product projects. It’s a great option for product managers who are not experienced. You should also be aware that it’s a user-friendly software for managing. It offers managers of products managers with a straightforward method to track and plan the progress.

It is possible to use the boards and columns that you can customize on Monday.com to display the status of products throughout the day. Additionally, it’s easy to create an area for backlog items that are on Monday.com to ensure that you don’t forget everything.


Cardboard is yet another product roadmap tool that is suitable for companies of all types. There are a number of useful features in Cardboard including an activity dashboard. Additionally, it comes with tools for content import and export that are extremely useful for the product manager.

On Cardboard an executive of a company can visualize and discover the plans of the product and manage user experience easily.


If you’re looking for an instrument for your product manager, you’ll come across loopedIn. It is ideal for announcing changes. It is easy to update information regarding your product. The product comes with a road-mapping software that helps you develop clear and concise road maps.

With the aid of LoopedIn Team members can share their ideas and update. It is also possible to keep your external stakeholders informed about progress.


It comes with Airfocus that is an road-mapping tool that prioritizes tool. It can assist product managers decide on their priorities, so they can develop more trustworthy road maps. Product managers and teams also benefit from a superior SaaS platform to take strategic decisions and sharing team goals. Furthermore, it gives greater accountability.


If you’re looking for an online tool for creating a roadmap for your product, Craftworks is another option for you. Craftworks provides 16 free tools which a product manager could make use of to create the roadmap.

It also offers a variety of tools to aid in the creation of roadmaps for your products. There are flowcharts, illustrations kits, wireframe kits, graphic sets, and icons.


Qualtrics comes with a simulation tool that assists product managers with price analysis as well as product setup. Furthermore, you can build buyer profiles and create pertinent reports.

It also has an application that can help product managers evaluate the status, representation, and updating of data using graphs and charts.


Joinly is a community-based idea platform for startups as well as small and medium-sized businesses. It allows multiple product managers to collaborate on projects. With Jointly it’s easy to exchange ideas and discuss problems.


Asana is another well-known Product road-mapping tool which provides managers of products with a vast array of features. It assists you in coordinating documents, tasks, and backlogs. It also gives you an overview of the progress of your project.


Trello can be described as a scheduling or team collaborative tool that utilizes Kanban-style swimlanes and boards that show the development of a project.

The program was developed as a PM planning and scheduling program, Trello gives teams an easy-to-read summary of where the product is at and how the project will appear. It is easy to access the documents, images and pictures as well as notes , which users can connect to boards based on the requirement.

What distinguishes Trello distinctive is the manner it shows the roadmap in a visually appealing layout. The “boards” are similar to Pinterest and users can quickly move between the various levels of the plan or converse, in real-time.

Trello is an excellent option for scrum teams that require an aesthetic approach to routing, similar to the way other Kanban boards operate.


Product roadmap tools assist managers of the product to control the growth of the product in a clean manner. They also analyze the life cycle of a product. Furthermore, with these tools’ product managers, they are able to easily communicate their product’s objectives and progress with the team members as well as management.

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