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10 best travel tips for your Paris trip

Here are 10 best travel tips for your Paris trip

When to visit Paris?

The ideal time to visit Paris is just before and after Summer i.e., during Spring and Autumn. Spring hits Paris in April which is the cherry blossom season. In Spring the temperature gets a little less warm and makes it pleasurable to walk around the boulevards and might find a cherry blossom tree, maybe while having a tasty pastry at the Shakepeare&Company Cafe or at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. There are many places to spot the blooming cherry blossoms in Paris, and you will need this 10 best travel tips for your Paris trip. 

Another supreme time to visit the city is during Autumn. Autumn arrives in Paris between October and November. During the fall season the evenings are cooler than the mornings, so pack some warmer clothes to avoid chills. You will find the roads and streets covered with fall leaves. 

Plan your tour with Pickyourtrail and check out Paris tour packages to plan your trip at the right time of the year. 

Learn some French

French is an arduous language to learn or understand, unlike English. When planning to visit Paris it is better to learn the basic French vocabulary beforehand. If it’s your first time traveling to Paris, it would be better to have a travel guide. Many people you will meet may know English but the Native French people mostly speak French. So, it would be better to learn the basic words or phrases like: “Hello- Bonjour”, “Thank you- Merci”, “Sorry- Pardon”, and “Please: S’il Vous plait” etc. 

Free guided tours in Paris

What’s better than a free guided tour in Paris!. In Paris, you could find some smaller companies offering free or tip-based guides. These guides are conducted by independent guides to show people the main tourist attractions of the city and at the end of the tour, you have to tip the guide. The guide will make you acquainted with the city, its streets, art and culture, its history and secrets and in just a couple of euros. 

They will also suggest to you some jewels in the city from restaurants to museums, and pastry shops to the best graffiti streets. The tour will make you familiarize with Paris in hardly two hours. 

The best walking tours are:

  1. Le Marais Walking Tour
  2. Montmartre Walking Tour
  3. Ile de la Cité Walking Tour
  4. Paris highlight walking Tour
  5. Latin Quarter Walking Tour

 Evade restaurants close to tourist attractions

If you want to have a true culinary experience of Parisian cuisine, it is better to avoid restaurants and cafes near the tourists’ hotspots. The food places near these places will charge you double even for an ordinary dish. These places will only be for the view or the location of their restaurants. This is the reason that you will only sight tourists around these places, not any inhabitants. 

Consider going to more traditional places and avoid crowded tourist spots. 

Book your hotel beforehand

The best advice is to choose your hotel’s location wisely. It is better to have a hotel in the middle of Paris so that each part of the city could be easily accessible. Having a metro station near would be a joy of the joys, as the metro will save you a big part of your travel expenses and allow you to relish the Parisian wonder till midnight.  

It is highly recommended to book your stay in Paris in advance totally depending on your personal travel likings. 

Make use of public transport

Metro is a highly recommended means of transport in Paris, instead of using taxis. It is fast, coherent, and affordable. If you are considering traveling in the metro multiple times then it would be brainy to put your money into buying a Carnet. The Carnet is a package of ten tickets that provides cheaper rates than purchasing the tickets separately. 

And if traveling in a metro make sure to keep an eye on your belongings. 

Exploring Paris by foot

If you truly want to explore authentic Paris, the best way to do so is by walking through the hidden gems. The vivid streets, amazing settlements, and experiencing the genuine delicacies from the local stores will make you feel like a true French.  

Traveling by bus or the metro, you will miss the outstanding opportunity to experience bona fide Paris. 

Contemplate securing the Paris pass

If you are planning a long stay and visiting all the Parisian marvels, consider purchasing the Paris pass. The pass will provide you supremacy to skip the long waiting queues on major tourist attractions and also you will get free transportation facilities on the metro and buses. 

To get more satisfied buying the pass, it is better to check the price of the pass and the individual tickets’ prices to get the exact value of money you are saving. 

The pro tip is to buy all the tickets in advance to avoid long lines.  

Take care of your belongings

In Paris, it is essential to take care of your belongings as the city is full of scams and pickpocketers. Never leave your possessions unattended and always take care of your bags while traveling. Especially in the metro and crowded places. It is recommended to keep your backpack in front instead of carrying it on the back. And always keep your valuable items at the safest place. Pro tip: Wear comfortable shoes while on a walking tour. 

Dress like a Parisian

       It would be best to dress in neutral colors, avoid wearing vivid colors and chunky prints. Go for a monochromatic look to resemble a Parisian. Women in Paris mostly prefer neutrals with red lips, you can go for that vibe. A basic outfit with an elegant accessory like a silk scarf or a gold necklace would be enough.   

Map out your tour with Pickyourtrail 

Make your trip to Paris dreamy and unforgettable. Whether it is your family tour, honeymoon, or even bestiemoon. Make every moment splendid and ecstatic with Pickyourtrail. Pickyourtrail, a worldwide travel bureau, can serve you in planning your trips. You can browse the Paris travel guide, pre-planned tour packages, and custom-make your own trip. For more information, visit pickyourtrail.com

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