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17 student tips on how to study smarter, not longer

17 student tips on how to study smarter, not longer

Whatever you do in your life, one thing is for sure, you have to work hard to get it. That’s the usual mantra. But working hard always doesn’t work. There is always something more important than merely study smarter, and it is working smart. 

When you work smart, it obviously encompasses the aspect of working hard as well, but it gives a new twist on it. You will get the work done, often in a shorter amount of time and much more efficiently. 

 Here are 17 student tips to study smarter:

Compartmentalize your Topics:

Divide your topics according to different categories. Believe it or not, every subject has topics that share similar characteristics in general. Sorting them out into various camps and grouping them together with a certain point of view will give you a certain understanding and head start with them, and an easier time managing them.   


Once you have sorted these topics out, you can start prioritizing them according to your needs. The priority can be according to the difficulty and the complexity of the topic, to the time it takes because of the different reasons. Know your need of the hour and prioritize your topics in a way that you can inhabit systematic learning. 

Rely on Notes:

Everybody hates taking notes, but they can be pretty effective. Taking short notes while lessons will pay off during the time of your revision or homework. As whatever you hear, your brain filters out the important information, and you already have great reference material for your exams. kumar siteleri

Freshen Your minds:

A rotten and tired mind will never hold the secret to any happiness. Ensure to sit for your studies with a fresh mind that will help you stay energetic and creatively more receptive to studies. Your mind will have a better retention power for you.    

Take breaks:

Regular breaks are necessary to keep your mind afloat under stress. To make your brain function better, you should take regular breaks. This will also let the learnings seep better into your mind and stay there for a longer time.

Divide your time:

Divide your time between different topics; so that you do not cram everything at once, Cramming everything will only leave you with headaches, confusion, etc. You divide your time and you will not complain about the work.    

Do not besmirch your health:

Health is a very important reason to reconsider choice in the work. As they often say, health is wealth. Your ability and productivity depend on it. So keep in touch with your health aspects to keep your workflow going well.   

Prioritize your space:

People often forget about this, but you need to take care of your posture. Your posture determines a big part of the concentration and diligence shown in the assignment. Choose a posture that is straight-spined and collaborates with the idea of a healthy lifestyle.  seo danışmanı

Time your lessons well:

Just compartmentalizing is not enough. You will have the time to complete particular lessons and particular notes. On the basis of time, make a list of all the topics you have and what time will suit that particular topic. 

Choose your time of study


Not everyone feels in a great mood to study at one particular time. We all have our work and rest moods and we cannot do everything at the wrong time. Same with your lessons, You should choose the time you need for other stuff and one particular \time you feel most like studying. These hours will be the ones where you will be most productive for study and would not consider doing anything else. 

Watch Videos instead of theory books:

If books tire you, you can always watch the videos of the same topics; the audio-visual aspect will make it more engaging anyway.

Learn to paraphrase:

One of the aspects of the syllabus of school and college is that paraphrasing actually works, so if it’s some homework or assignment, you can always paraphrase from books and none will be the wiser.   

The attempt at least:

Attempting and being wrong will always get you more knowledge and leverage than not attempting your work ever in the fear of failure ever will. So make sure you attempt the learnings so that you can work on what is left and you will be up to date with what you were not able to catch up on.  

Code the nuances:

One of the most prolific ways to get your mind to retain some piece of scholastic information is by assigning them a code. The code can be a color, a silly sentence or a number, etc. 

You just have to memorize the short and catchy code and you will be good to go. 

Study what is immediate:

Half of the efficiency in studies is to manage time. If you have figured out what is needed with immediate effect, you should focus on that. 

Do not indulge in rote learning:

Rote learning may be a short-term goal, but for later times, it can be a shallow and half-hearted effort. Hence, try to understand well, as much as you can because rote learning is not much beneficial.


One of the best tricks to study smart is to write down without reference to any source material. The practice of writing down without seeing whatever you wrote is a really good way to gauge what you know, and what needs work.    

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