Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost Worth It?

Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

Do you experience dullness in teeth despite of brushing and flossing twice every day? Proper oral care routine is the initial step to prevent teeth from staining. However, there are certain ways through which teeth can stain. The main staining agents are stain-inducing foods and drinks. But thanks to advancements in the world of dentistry which can restore the natural whiteness of the teeth through teeth whitening. But often patients want to know does cost of professional teeth whitening worth its value? Do you have same query? Well, then let this blog answer your question and don’t miss to read it!

Kinds of professional teeth whitening treatments available

There are only 2 kinds of professional teeth whitening treatment options available for you:

  • In-office whitening- You need to visit the dental clinic where dentist applies whitening gel all over the teeth surface with extra care.
  • Custom-made tray to use at home- It is much identical to in-office treatment but differs in application of tailor-made tray at your home. Dentist provides mild whitening gel to use while opting for at-home teeth whitening.

What makes professional teeth whitening unique?

With the use of professional whitening procedure, OTC products and prescription gels you can retain the natural whiteness and brightness of the teeth. As per American Dental Association (ADA), every whitening procedure comprises of different peroxide compounds. However, professional whitening costs more than other possible options due to the presence of active ingredients in whitening agents.

The steps of professional teeth whitening are:

  • Dental supervision- Dentist conducts dental exam on first hand to assure that teeth and gums are healthy. They also look for veneers and crowns which are impossible to whiten. Accordingly, they will start with the whitening procedure.
  • Strong whitening agents- Dentist monitors professional in-office whitening process carefully and carries out the procedure. This is because of the whitening gel’s high concentration. As a result, some patients experience temporary sensitivity. Sometimes, dentist applies gel on gum tissues carefully so that soft tissues won’t irritate by the use of whitening gel.
  • Fast results- Due to the high concentration of whitening gel which dentist uses than that of at-home whitening products, you will receive noticeable results promptly within a few weeks.

Dental discolouration and staining results from underlying condition deems for professional dental therapy. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with the dentist prior to select any whitening method.

Who is eligible for professional teeth whitening?

Fortunately, almost everyone is eligible for professional teeth whitening. But you must have permanent teeth for that. Moreover, you have to follow good oral care regime for improved oral health. In case you don’t have receding gums or gum sensitivity then, you are less reactive to whitening procedure chemicals. It works excellently for the patients having yellowish teeth and discolouration.

Sometimes, it cannot deliver highly effective result in greyish and white brownish stains. You can undergo professional teeth whitening treatment if you are free from any previous dental works such as caps, tooth-coloured filings and crowns. They are impossible to whiten down like other natural and original teeth.

So, visit at www.london-teeth-whitening.co.uk to consult with your dentist to find out if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

Substitutive options available for you

In case you are not suitable for professional treatment, then there is nothing to worry about. There are several alternative options assisting you to enhance the smile.

  • OTC cleaning agents- You can get lots of OTC cleaning products (gels, kits and toothpaste) to achieve white teeth right from the comfort of your home.
  • Veeners or bonding- This is fantastic way for restoring the front teeth. You can fulfil your dream of having white teeth with it.
  • Other professional treatments- Consult with the dentist to find other efficient ways to whiten your teeth.

So, does professional teeth whitening worth its cost?

On visiting the dentist, firstly you will undergo extensive dental exam to get the eligibility for this treatment. Once you achieved it, the dentist will let you select the ideal teeth whitening method for whitening your smile. But it depends on your preference and budget. However, professional in-office whitening is inevitable for flashing a pearly white smile in short period of time.

Dentist will offer tailor-made whitening tray if you have sensitive teeth. The advantage of this tray is you can use it right from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can make use of numerous convenient and affordable OTC whitening products to obtain bright smile.

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