Now you can tweets in your own voice from iPhone or iPad

Last year, Twitter introduced Voice Tweet, a feature that allows users to tweet by talking. Tweets can be posted on Twitter quickly without having to type the text in. Furthermore, you can follow up your voice Tweet with text Tweets after you have posted the original one. 

Users can now listen to the tweets posted on the platform as well as read them, which enhances the overall experience not only for the tweeting user, but also for their followers. As people are able to post updates on Twitter using their voice, the company adds a personal touch to the micro blogging network. 

The voice tweets can only be recorded for a maximum of two minutes and twenty seconds. It will automatically be included in the thread if the message limit is exceeded. Your voice tweets can also be followed up with text follow-ups. By using your voice, you are not able to reply to tweets. The original tweet must be sent instead. 

In June last year, Twitter launched voice tweeting exclusively on iOS. People using the app on desktop and android platforms can also listen to the ios voice tweets.

The following steps will show you how to post Voice Tweets to your iPhone or iPad

1: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Twitter app.

2: Touch the tweet compose icon in the bottom right corner of your screen in the second step

3: Click on the ‘wavelengths’ voice tweet icon to send a voice message

4: After clicking on the wavelength option, you will see a voice tweet icon appear above the keyboard

5: The recording of your message will begin in this step

6: Once your message has been recorded, tap the done button.

Twitter Spaces audio recording on iOS & web

The Twitter Spaces conversation will now be able to be recorded so users can listen to them at a later date. Clubhouse, its rival app, allowed the recording of chat rooms in September of this year. Earlier this month, Twitter added this functionality for both Android and iOS devices. Previously, Spaces recordings were only accessible to iOS users. Podcasts appear to have taken their place. bahigo

Participants will be notified if a session is being recorded by the user. You will see the “Rec” button on the top of your Space view for these participants. From the platform, users can share this recording once it has ended. Twitter reports that some Android and iphone users will now be able to record Spaces by clicking on “Record Space” after selecting “Start a Space”. The recording will be available even after the event is over.

It is worth noting that Twitter will store the recording for listeners to listen to and share for up to 120 days to detect rule violations. Previously, Twitter Spaces were only audio chat rooms used for live discussions. They could not be recorded. bahigo giriş

Spaces can be recorded on Android

In addition to retaining a copy of the recorded Space for up to 120 days, Twitter will also use it as a basis for verifying its terms of service violation reports. You will be unable to reclaim the recorded Space even if you delete it before its 30-day expiration. Your recorded Space will be automatically deleted once the company has verified that it does not violate its terms of service. And for live Spaces, the same will apply.

Also, Twitter says that a recording symbol (REC) will be displayed to co-hosts and speakers who enter a recording Space. A recording symbol will also be shown to listeners of the Space being recorded. The recordings, however, will not include the recording symbol. In the recorded version, the host, co-host(s), and speaker from the live Space will appear.

A Twitter Space for iOS or Android can be joined, listened to, and spoken in by anyone. Users of Android and iOS, however, are unable to start Spaces. As a result, they cannot create Spaces on the web. Listening and joining a Space is only possible through a web-based platform offered by the company. The recording capability had been tested by Twitter in October of last year. Users on select iOS devices could use the feature at that time. The company then added Android app support in December 2021. 

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