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The school of the 21st century is first and foremost modern. It will use the latest developments and scientific knowledge. Already, many schools have approached the title of the school of the 21st century. They use modern methods of presenting information in the lessons. 

For example, multimedia presentations make it easier to understand the material of new lessons. At the same time, knowledge testing, at least partially, can be shifted to the shoulders of the computer. Conducting tests in electronic form reduces the teacher’s workload and eliminates the human factor when grading the work.

The use of electronic textbooks allows not only access to the most modern materials but also reduces the weight of the student’s portfolio.

In such a place, student passes can be used to enter the school. This allows you to track the attendance of students and prevent strangers from entering the school.

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In school canteens, food can be selected and paid for with a card, while parents can find out what the child ate for lunch.

At the beginning of the 21st century, schools were not the same as they are now. It was only then that equipment began to appear in schools, which makes it possible to make the lesson even more interesting, to interest the students.

The modern school is very different from the schools at the beginning of the century. But it remains unchanged that teachers put all their strength and knowledge into working with children. They are what make the school what we know it to be. That’s why students love her.

Option 2

School is an educational institution that every child meets in his life. It helps in the process of socialization and forms and educates a personality. Now schools have different levels, there are rural and urban schools, large and small, renovated and not, modern and not very modern. I would like all schools of the 21st century to be modern so that all schools have enough not only funding but also good teachers, specialists in their field.

The school of the 21st century

The school of the 21st century should use modern technologies: multimedia presentations. That makes it easier to learn and understand new material. Electronic textbooks will reduce the weight of the portfolio, and allow students to access the most modern materials without going to the library. It is possible to transfer some verification and independent work into electronic form to exclude the possibility of subjective assessment by the teacher.

In the canteen at a school of the 21st century, you can eat the most healthy and environmentally friendly products, pay for them with a special school card, according to which parents will find out online what their child eats. Entrance to the school can be carried out through an electronic access system to avoid strangers entering the school and track student attendance.

Modern teachers 

The school of the 21st century must also have modern teachers who are constantly engaged in self-education and experimental work. The teacher must instill spiritual and moral qualities in the student, and for this he himself must be sensitive, attentive, intelligent, and kind. The teacher must be an intellectually and spiritually developed person in order to become an example for the student. Ultimately, a modern school must provide students with such knowledge that will allow them to become successful in life. The school should teach self-organization, the ability to make decisions, to look for ways to solve real problems.

The school of the 21st century is not only the use of modern technologies and equipment. It is, first of all, a transition to a new level of communication with the student. The school should give the child self-confidence, in the future. That the knowledge gained is enough and they will definitely come in handy. The school should become a place where they can listen and give advice, help in different life situations. I would like the students, growing up, to remember. Their school years as the best thing that happened in their life. Because today’s schoolchildren are future parents who will influence the formation of the idea of ​​school in the next generation.

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