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3 Ways Children Can Stretch Their Imagination with Play Doh

Squish it, squeeze it and shape it to your heart’s content. That’s the power of Play Doh. Children can form this modelling compound into any shape or structure they want. Of course, it’s much more than a toy that can be squished, squeezed and shaped. It comes with all kinds of potential that goes beyond the ordinary or expected. With their imagination, children can transport themselves to exciting new worlds and create their own stories. This modelling compound is an opportunity for so much fun, imaginative play. What does that mean? Open up the Play Doh packs, and explore all the possibilities!

Children Can Discover the Colourful Possibilities with Play Doh

We all know how colourful Play Doh can be. From green to blue, red to yellow, grey to black, it comes in so many colours. When a child opens a few packs of the compound, they may only see a handful of colours, but that’s only the start of something incredible. This is an opportunity for children to discover the magic of colour. As your child plays and builds, encourage them to mix and match different colours. Let them discover new combinations that they might not have expected. Yes, you can find many colours premade on toy shop shelves, but there’s something truly special about a child finding their own mix of colours.

Children Can Build, Destroy and Build Again with Play Doh

When it comes to most things in life, toys included, we emphasise creation more than destruction—and for good reason. After all, when you build something, you should celebrate that achievement. Play Doh takes that idea and turns it on its head. Children can be encouraged to build and destroy. It might not be obvious to children at first but encouraging this type of play teaches a valuable lesson.

As children build animals, trees, houses and all manner of shapes, they may want to preserve their masterpieces. However, breaking them down and starting from scratch opens the door for new possibilities. Today’s elephant is tomorrow’s giraffe. Children can see how far their imagination will take them. They can have fun squishing their creations into formless globs only to reshape again tomorrow. More than that, this modelling compound makes for the ideal toy to destroy. There are no pieces to lose and no fragments that will go flying. It’s a safe way to destroy and have fun at the same time.

Play Doh is a Foundation for Other Building Potential

Play Doh is at its most magical when paired with other toys and materials. While a child can build a castle with a mound of this modelling compound, what would happen if they incorporated small stones or other materials into their play? Suddenly, the potential grows. The modelling compound becomes mortar, and the small stones become a new building material. Castles and fortresses spring to life. Add twigs to the display for realistic trees. And soon, the child has a complete diorama held together by none other than Play Doh. The play value doesn’t end there. Use the compound as a foundation for building block towers. Use it to make accessories or other play features for action figures, dolls and more. These are merely a few examples of how this versatile compound can be used to give other materials new life during playtime.

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