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5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Long Layover at the Airport


Traveling is fun. But what is completely opposite of fun is waiting at the airport for several long hours for your connection flights. I bet we all had the moment when the only thing we wanted was to sleep and wake up right at the time of boarding. But the sleep never came. However, in this article we will teach you five creative ways to enjoy long layover at the airport and instead of boring experience, get something out of it.

There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy your layover at the airport and actually do something valuable for yourself in the meanwhile. So, let’s start.

5 Ways to Enjoy Long Layover

You don’t have time to waste if you are stuck at an airport. Here’s what to do next time when you feel like you need to do something.

Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is the best way to encounter long and tiring layover at the airport. This way not only time passes fast, but your body recovers from all the stress and sleepless nights that you might have encountered during the entire trip. Besides, sleeping prevents you from small talking with random strangers. And if you are an introvert like me, this is a huge plus. One thing to consider while sleeping at the airport is to have all your documents, passport, visa, phone, insurance and wallet very secured. You might get robbed in a matter of seconds and this is something you don’t want to happen.

Read a Book

Remember the book that you packed in your backpack anyways, even though, you knew you would never read it? Well, maybe the time has come. You can have some easy-to-read, airport-book that will help you to effectively kill time. Alternatively, if the books are not your passion, you can play some pre-downloaded video games. Preferably the ones that don’t take some data.

Watch a Movie

If you can’t sleep, books are not yours and you get bored of the video game, you can try another way to enjoy yourself. Watch a movie. Download some movies on your streaming service in advance and enjoy the movie during the layover. Although it is not as fun as watching the same movie comfortably at home, but it will help you to kill some time.

Walk Around the Airport

Why not? These huge airports feel like compact cities, where you can find anything from cafes and bars to GUCCI and Armani stores. When you have a long layover go on the tour from store to store to terminal to terminal. Visit some high-fashion shops and try different clothes. Even though you are not going to buy them, you can always try them and take some memorable selfies in the dressing room mirror. So, Why Not?

Go Out of the Airport

Well, if you have so much time, this is the best option you can have. If you feel fresh and fancy ticking one more destination in your bucket list, you can go out and explore the city. However, you always need to control time, because if you leave the international transit zone, you will have to go through security check as well as passport control again. And all these take time. So, make sure you get back to the airport 3 hours before your flight at least.


In this article we have discussed some of the creative ways to enjoy long layover at the airport. While this list is based solely on our airport-experience, we believe that most of the travelers go through the same pain of waiting many times. This is why we decided to write an article with some recommendations in it. We hope that this article will be the first thing that you read during your next long layover.

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