How to Market Your Business with Patches

The most effective way of marketing

No matter how prosperous one business is, the reason for its success is always marketing. Marketing is also known as promoting. The art of promoting a business and its services is called marketing. It can feature from posting billboards around the city to making small patches for promoting businesses.

Benefits of Patches

Benefits of Custom Embroidered Patches - Artistic Patches Blog

Brand Awareness

The biggest benefit of custom patches is that they create brand awareness among the customers. The problem that most customers go through is that they forget the shop from where they had bought a product.

Moreover, when other people see your customers wearing your product, they will be attracted to your item because of the glamorous patch on it. Subsequently, this will gain you more customers which means more money in your bank account.

They are Cheap

These custom patches are way cheaper than investing millions in billboards and advertisements which are also a lot difficult. Patches are naturally a much better choice of marketing for newly opened brands.

Patches Gain Customers’ Trust

A patch of your company will also be there as a verification of your product. You might have an idea how people start copying products of renowned businesses.

So now that we have known the benefits of patches, let’s take a look at how to make attractive patches that stand out.

How to Market Your Business With Patches

Ways To Promote Brands And Businesses Using Custom Patches

Until now we have been learning how to create these patches and their purposes. But now we will head towards the most important part which is how to market your business with patches.

Hand Them Out as Freebies!

People love freebies. Its example can be taken from people trying samples of food at malls. So why not turn this trend into an advantage and start giving your patches for free.

Distribute your patches at festivals, malls, tournaments, etc. If not adults, children will definitely be drawn to your elegant designed patches and will take them home as a memory of your brand.

Another way is giving them where your items are needed. For example, you can distribute your brand caps for free on construction sites where labors will need them the most. This help will turn out in winning hearts. When people will watch so many labours wearing your cap with a catchy patch, they will get anxious about your brand and will search for you.

Support a Cause through them

You can flawlessly market your business with patches by making special ones promoting cancer or charity.

In this way, people will be impressed by your brand without even trying its product. They will be impressed that as a brand you are trying your best to promote health issues around the world and will become your loyal customers.

Research in 2018 shows that 64% of people are more willing to buy from a brand that supports social causes.

There are high chances that after this they will buy and recommend your products more so your brand can grow and convey this message at a much bigger level.

This way you will support a good cause as well as attract more customers.

Do a Giveaway

Giveaway: instructions on how to kill your Instagram account for your own money - Dalistrategies

On your social, start a contest among your followers to use your patches in the most creative way. The winner gets the most expensive item from your shop for free. This will help you stay engaged with your followers and will give your more traffic.


Through these ways, you can show your brand as one of those who care for both their customers and the environment as patches are both eco-friendly and fun. Likewise, through these patches, you can take your brand to another level with its love in people’s hearts.

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