5 Types of Modern Trousers Every Man Should Own

Whether it’s your work day or date night, trousers play a vital role in making your style statement. Before you head out through that door, you need to know the trending types of modern trousers and how you can style them. However, you might have to shuffle up your wardrobe to find the trendy pair!

From grey flannel trousers to relaxed leg trousers, there is a wide range of trendy trousers that can be worn on any occasion, if styled properly. Owning the right pair of men’s trousers is a quiet, powerful item, but if done wrong, it can dull the whole outfit.

To inspire a new style, here are a few types of modern trousers that every man should consider for his wardrobe.


When in doubt, slim your way out!

Slim jeans are always the safest go-to option. It is a wardrobe staple for all guys. It is simple and can be paired with any shirt like; a flannel shirt, plain white or black tees or even floral shirts.

Furthermore, a graphic or casual top will give you a more handsome look paired with jeans. There are several styles of jeans available in the market, choose the one according to your style and taste. Whether classic or old-school jeans, you can never go wrong buying the best jeans for men.


Khakis are the best when it comes to business attire. It can be easily paired up with a dress shirt or blazer and can look low-key stylish, yet classy. From work to hangouts, Khakis can blend in for all occasions.

They are light colour, beige or brown which can be worn with light blue or white formal shirt. This will give you a trendy business look.

Grey flannel trousers

Grey flannel trousers are good if you want to change up your look. They are fashionable, which makes you stand out. It can be paired with jackets or even plain sweatshirts.

Furthermore, they were a little expensive, but it is worth it once bought. The best part is that they can be worn multiple times without cleaning.

Relaxed fit trousers

They are the true definition of relaxed trousers. Make sure that these are neither too long nor too short. With a single fold, they should sit right at the feet. They give you the freedom to wear whatever you like, and voila! You’ll have a base for your outfit ready in no time.


Who doesn’t love sweatpants? The comfiest clothing item that you can own. Plain colour sweats are the ones that can go under any tee. But the trendiest ones are black and grey.

However, remember to choose fitted ones and not baggy ones. Add sneakers to your look because sweats and sneakers go hand in hand.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these types of modern trousers should be comfortable along with trendy. There are endless options to choose from when we talk about trousers, but not everything suits everyone. Know what defines the different trousers and their level of formality. This way, it can be easy for you to choose and put it together.

What are you waiting for? GRAB THAT PAIR before it runs out of stock, and you’re left with a boring wardrobe! But before you go, know your style and avoid wearing the same old trousers that are no more in trend.

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