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6 Health Advantages of Using Brass Utensils

From the ancient age, metal utensils have been very popular in India. As we all know, copper, bronze, and brass eating utensils are of Ayurvedic importance. It is said that these alloys can cure many diseases, such as diarrhea, anemia, inflammation, etc.

In India, many kitchens include brass kitchenware, of course, there is a reason behind it!  The metal holds the tendency to enhance human health and shield the body from various infections and diseases. 

What is Brass?

Brass is metal that is yellow in appearance.  It is a mixture of Zinc and Copper. The ratio of Copper is 70% whereas the Zinc presence is 30%. In Hindi, it is termed as “Pital”.

Both Zinc and Copper have properties to fight against infections in the human body. Hence, Brass becomes the right source to acquire the benefits of these alloys.

Benefits of Brass Kitchenware

For a long time, brass cookware does not lose its relevance. This is due to the physical characteristics of the metal, which contribute to faster, better cooking. To decide on its purchase, you should carefully study the benefits of brass dishes. 

High thermal conductivity

This property of brass is especially appreciated by chefs. Such dishes heat up quickly and evenly, retaining heat for a long time, which is especially important for the preparation of delicate seafood dishes, as well as various desserts and sauces. Food is cooked many times faster, this allows you to save more nutrients in foods.

Improving taste 

Saturated with microparticles of brass, products cooked in such dishes acquire a special taste that cannot be repeated in pots and pans made of any other metal.

Brass utensils such as Brass Tawa are of high quality as compared to the other plastic vessels. Additionally, when the food gets stored in the brass containers, its shelf life increases, and therefore, you can consume the food for more time. We know that the plastic vessels fail to maintain the aroma and freshness of the masalas. However, brass conserves the consistency of masalas, pickles, food, and different condiments. The plasticware does not have a life, though, brass has. 

Antibacterial action

This feature of brass metal was actively exploited in ancient times. It was noticed that the food left in the brass pot lasts longer and does not spoil. The vessels for water had a disinfecting effect – in them, it did not lose its taste for a long time, it did not foul. Later, the bactericidal properties of the metal were confirmed by scientific research. The brass molecules kill many pathogenic bacteria that can aggressively affect the digestive system. However, at high temperatures, such dishes lose their antibacterial properties.  

Drinking water from the brass glass assures to make up for the lack of this metal in the body.

Prevents Diseases

Several antibacterial nutrients are said to be taken by the brass metal. As per the researchers, these types of nutrients help in treating, healing, and avoiding diseases.

We call abdominal infection a common one. Eating food from a brass plate eliminates the chances of stomach inflections. So, it is totally safe to use it. 


Brass is a powerful metal. Zinc and Copper are metals when combined make it a solid one.  Its hardness and strength are impressive. As kitchenware, it is a strong metal. The metal is a powerful alloy that can resist great violence. Brass is different from other alloys with these characteristics. With proper care, dishes can last a long time. It is often passed down from generation to generation. 

Gives Glowing Skin

Brass is known to improve blood flow, which not only helps in the smooth functioning of the human body, however, also gives a glow to the skin. Brass has the highest amount of copper content and eating from brass kitchenware maintains blood flow. Hence, gives radiant and lustrous skin.

Concluding Remarks

This lost gem technology must be recognized and understood on a global scale. Possibly, these amazing advantages of brass tableware will convince you to cook, eat and serve in brass utensils.

Moreover, they are highly beneficial for human health. Just consider some precautions and you are ready to go!

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