7 Myths of Diabetes that Require Urgent Debunking

Diabetes is a very prevailing health situation globally, with neighbouring 422 million people living with it. The cause of the problem differs from family history to an unhealthy environment. E5 karayolu üzerinde olan kalabalık semtimiz sefaköy escort kadınlarına ulaşabilmek çok kolay. The number of patients doesn’t contribute to the awareness of the diseases, with plenty of myths running around.

You have access to an enormous amount of information about the diseases, their causes, consequences, and whatnot. Still, people get convinced by the arguments of their social circle that makes no sense. While some of the myths come with great logic but the medical practitioner throw discredit them with facts.

How to Manage Diabetes Without Medication?

We can cut the list of myths in half by simply explaining the possible ways to manage your health without medication. People have their version of treatment to cause create confusion in the mind of the patient. Instead of listening to them, you should consult a doctor and try to live a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle includes a diet with every component in moderation. You should not eliminate carbs, fats, or sugar since they help with the vital processes of the body. Consult a dietitian to prepare a healthy diet while avoiding the outside food even with a busy schedule to prepare a meal.

Exercise is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. You can take Yoga, running, or other aerobic exercises if the intense gym sessions are not your preferred mode of exercise. Many people take high acceptance loans for bad credit to set a home gym to exercise at any time of the day.

Debunked Myths About Diabetes

You should not listen to people without any credentials about managing a serious condition like diabetes. It requires a long-term plan to keep the condition under control with advice only from the medical practitioner. Here are some myths about diabetes that need urgent debunking for people to manage their condition effectively.

Diabetes Only Affect Fat People We often see fat people complaining about their diabetic condition in social gatherings. It is a common problem in the current environment that people don’t take diabetes seriously unless they are obese. You will rarely see someone within the healthy BMI range taking the test of diabetes.

However, people within the healthy weight range can also become a patient with diabetes. The myth is the outcome of images we see in the media associating diabetes with obese people. Around 20% of type 2 diabetes patients are underweight or normal weight.

  • People with Diabetes Lose Their Legs and Go Blind

Blindness and amputations are very severe consequences of the unmanaged diabetic condition. Thousands of people lose their ability to see objects because of diabetes. However, it is not the fixed outcome of the disease for people who try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Amputation and blindness are preventable if you take the measures before it’s too late. The doctors will suggest you quit smoking and adopt a healthier lifestyle to avoid these conditions. Also, you should get regular tests to take the measures before the conditions become worse.

  • Diabetic People Are Dangerous Drivers

It doesn’t make sense to generalise a huge population because of only 0.2% of the people. But it is true in the case of calling diabetic people dangerous drivers because of hypoglycemia. People with the condition can blackout behind the wheels because of the low blood sugar.

Now, it may sound scary but remember, the possibility for hypos is very rare in the real world. More importantly, people with hypos often avoid driving to avoid the risks of blacking out behind the wheels. Still, many people don’t feel comfortable while sitting in a car with a diabetic driver.

  • Diabetic People Should Not Play Sports

The top performers in various sports are daily debunking the myth that diabetic people should avoid sports. It is recommended for people to discuss their doctor before engaging in physical movement. There are numerous variables to examine before selecting your occupation as a professional sportsman.

Still, people with diabetes can take part in sports in most cases. We should promote participation since sports is a part of a healthy lifestyle. And you should not consider diabetes as a constraint while taking adding some patients to your team.

  • Diabetic People Are Prone to Illnesses

The common myth states the people with diabetes are prone to common illnesses such as a cold. It is not true since the other factors play a significant role while contracting an illness. However, diabetes may affect the severity of the illness or infection to make the management difficult.

People with diabetes face problems while trying to manage the blood sugar level in the body. The difficulty in the management causes the increased severity of the illnesses. Thus, prevention is essential, along with timely flu jabs.

  • Diabetes Is Contagious

The contagious nature of diseases has been part of the myths for a very long time. People consider every other disease to be contagious to maintain a gap with the patients. The distance is unnecessary in case of diabetes since you cannot catch it from other people.

Though, there is a chance of passing diabetes to your children. The reason for the condition is the genetic likelihood of the disease, not the condition.

  • Diabetic People Cannot Perform Many Jobs

Diabetic people can take most jobs in the professional world regardless of their condition. Medical experts will only recommend a very few jobs not meant for diabetes patients. The prime example of such jobs includes the front line roles in the armed forces.

Therefore, you should not consider the diabetic condition of the applicant while considering them for an important job. It is taking an opportunity away from a qualified person with no genuine reason.


To sum up, it is a tough task for people with diabetes to clear the myths running around. People should themselves take a few seconds to increase their awareness about such a common condition. Also, rely on the words of your doctors instead of the mass knowledge to avoid living on myths.

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