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A gallery of wooden sculptures

Kerala is renowned for its articulate craftsmanship, which is an intimate part of her tradition.

Driftwood Arts in Kerala

Kerala crafts, mainly Driftwood arts in Kerala, due to their unique, original creative characteristics and a unique sense of colors have got the quality of place in Indian crafts’ maps. Artisans made handmade papers with a large variety of resources analogous to wood, bell substance, brass, coconut shell, banana fiber, screw pine, straw, other natural fibers, paper Mache, fabrics, Cora field, club, and bamboo, buffalo corn,ucopia, etc. 

 Kerala crafts are mainly associated with traditions, festivals, and observances observed in our state. In Kerala, the rustic face of a Kathakali dance is a truly notorious product that is available easily in any roadside shop. 

Though every quarter of the republic has the culture of rehearsing different crafts conditioning each quarter has a special character for one or two crafts. 

Places in Kerala

  •  Kollam 

Perinad is a place in the Kollam quarter, which is famedfor straw picture crafts. 

  •  Ernakulam and Idukki 

 These sections is famed for bamboo crafts. 

  •  Alappuzha 

Artisans rehearsing bell substance occupation is mainly planted in Mannar and chengannur area. 

  •  Thrissur 

 thrissur is popular for rustic monsters. 

  •  Wayanad 

these sections are important for natural fiber crafts. 


 Wood Sculpturing creates wide designs in wood by hand with the help of sculpting tools is called wood figure which is a traditional craft in Kerala. 

  1.  Rose Wood 
  2. Sandal Wood 
  3.  White Wood 
  4.  Country Wood 
  5.  Other Wood 

 Types And Characteristics Of Wood 

 Different types of styles and styles of the wood numbers are included analogous to chip figure, relief figure, and Scandinavian flat- aeroplane. For wood numbers, both softwoods and hardwoods are used, principally an oak, mahogany, walnut, elm, limewood, cliché, ebony, boxwood, cedar, cypress, olive, teak, and pine. 

Advantages of wood 

 Wood has both advantages and downsides as a forming medium. 

  • It can be carved more thinly and precisely than monument or beast bone because of its fibrous strength. 
  •  Two or farther pieces of wood may be carved also joined for large compositions. 
  •  Hardwoods retain lower luster and abidance. 
  •  Softwoods are easier to shape 

 Disadvantages of wood 

  •  Hardwoods are more delicate to sculpt 
  •  Softwoods are less durable. 
  •  No wood is as durable, leakproof, or nonentity-vulnerable as a monument, and thus is used mainly for the inner factory. 

 Initially, whatever wood is used, it remains an anisotropic material (its factors differ when measured in different directions) and is strongest in the direction of the grain. 

 Benefits of Wood Sculpturing 

 Wood sculpting or Driftwood Sculptures India belongs to a kind of art. It fascinated artists and tradesmen for ages. Wood sculpting includes a great deal of creativity, prophecy, and chops through which one can make a fashionable piece of art. This form of art has numerous benefits in terms of socio-profitable growth, internal fitness, and spiritual development. the wood figure also takes a person through a comforting and peaceful figure process to come up with a beautiful piece of art. It has a large influence on body, mind, and spirit as it demands thoroughness, focus, forbearance, and vision for the commodity to be carved out from wood with someone’s idea and vision. 

 Wood Sculpturing Galleries In Kerala 

people who need knowledge and the data about any place, also the better result for that’s just walk through the galleries of that places, there’s so important to see and explore in real. The galleries in Kerala are a gateway to the art, history, wisdom, and culture of South India. Visiting a gallery is always better than reading a history book. 

Napier Museum 

 Napier Museum is one of the stylish galleries in Kerala which has a collection of trades and armature. Famed artists like Nicholas Roerich and Raja Ravi Verma were made beautiful artwork and oils in this gallery. This gallery is located in Thiruvananthapuram. 

Hill Palace Archaeological Museum 

Hill Palace Archaeological Museum manifests a collection of crowns and beautifiers, old puppets, beautiful oils, and a sartorial collection. This gallery is located in Kochi. 

Kerala Folklore & Cultural Museum 

 Kerala Folklore & Cultural Museum is rich in culture and heritage. you can Find unique window frames, handpainted ceilings, folk art dollies, typical music instruments, and samples of armature inside the gallery. 

Bay Island Driftwood Museum 

Bay Island Driftwood Museum is one of the stylish galleries and main Kumarakom visiting places,which has a vast collection of high-quality gems of prestigious artists. The collections then include are the rare root puppets sculpted out of driftwood that shored after traveling a long distance over the swell, forming art pieces that are emotional and enticing. This Museums in Kottayam should be on your plan. 

Ethnological Museum 

 The ethnological gallery houses an enormous collection of ethnical vestiges including their lively vesture, authentic beautifiers, unique types of outfits and tools, their astounding wood busts, rare musical instruments, and conventional outfit of all the lines being in Kerala. 

Krishnapuram Palace 

This Palace was established in the 18th century which is located in the Alappuzha quarter. This is a palace erected by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma. This stunning palace is erected in the traditional architectural style of Kerala and has dormer windows, a gabled roof, and a narrow corridor. This gallery has a collection of brass and gravestone puppets, ancient oils, coins, and eulogies. You can explore the largest tempera oil at this gallery called the Gajendra Moksham and other notorious oils. 

Wayanad Heritage Museum 

 Wayanad Heritage Museum is also called the Ambalavayal Heritage Museum and is located in Ambalavayal in the Wayanad quarter. The Wayanad Heritage Museum is home to colorful monuments and vestiges related to the culture, heritage, and history of Wayanad. You can explore the Veerasmruthi, the Jeevanasmruthi, the Gothrasmruthi, and the Devasmruthi that are the corridor of this gallery. 

Kuthiramalika Museum 

Kuthiramalika Museum is another one of the most visited galleries in Kerala, India. Located in Thiruvananthapuram, this gallery was innovated by Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma in 1840. You can marvel at the traditional Kerala- style armature of this gallery. The rustic ceilings are sculpted and this marvelous structure is erected with teakwood, determinedness, rosewood, and marble. 

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