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A Step by Step Guide on How to Wear a Sari

How to Wear a Sari

Wearing the saree in the right way is necessary to get a perfect look in the attire. You should follow the right steps to how to wear a sari in the right way. 

This six to nine yards outfit is draped in a number of styles that can be the classical drapes or some fancy and trendy drapes. 

Usually the most common drape is the nivi style drape including some pleats and a long pallu. 

Every draping style has different steps from which some need more effort and some need very less effort. 

To wear the saree properly first you need to pick a saree which can be the one from your mom’s wardrobe or any which you bought recently. 

Let’s go through the steps to wear a nivi style saree. 

How to Wear a Saree Step by Step

Go and get a saree from your wardrobe or buy a new one from the stores for the upcoming function by going through some of the beautiful sarees catalog and start wearing it. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow when you wear the sarees. So that you can wear it more consistently and effectively. 

The Right Blouse and Petticoat  

Before you start wearing the saree you should choose a matching petticoat and the right blouse. If you wear a contrast colored petticoat then, it will shine from below and ruin the look therefore 

it is always necessary to wear a matching one. The blouse should also match perfectly with the saree either you are taking it as a contrast or a matching one. 

  1. Starting Around the Saree

Starting Around the Saree (how to wear sari)

First start tucking the saree in a petticoat starting from the left side. Hold the end of the saree in front and then start tucking it from the middle and complete one round by taking it from the left side.

If you take the first round of your saree from the right side then your pallu will come on the right shoulder. As usually nivi style pallu is on the left shoulder you should start it from the left.  


  1. Preparing the Pleats 

Once you complete the first round take the pallu section in the required length and put it on the left shoulder. Let the pallu as it is and now start making the pleats. 

Your pleats start from the first round where you have finished. With the help of your fingers start making the pleats.

 It is one of the most important and difficult tasks while wearing the saree. You will be able to make five to seven pleats.   

  1. Making the Pleats Correctly

Making the Pleats Correctly (how to wear a sari)

Make the pleats calmly with the help of your thumb, index finger and ring finger. You need to be sure that all the pleats are of the same size and none of them are small or big. 

Make one by one and hold them securely so that they don’t fall off. 

You need to be careful if you are wearing slippery fabric. Take someone’s help if you find it difficult or are a beginner.       

  1. Pinning and Tucking it Correctly 

When you are done making the pleats first hold them together and secure them with a pin. Hold them properly and pin it leaving some inches of distance from above. 

Tuck the pleats properly into a petticoat and get yourself half ready with the saree. Don’t take off the pin from the pleats as they will let them be in place and give you an easy movement.     

  1. Draping and Wrapping the Pallu

Once you are done with the pleats the next step comes to pallu. Start it where you end the pleats by making half a round which comes from back to front. 

Take off your pallu from the shoulder and start pleating it from the end border of the pallu. The same process which you used to make the saree pleats will go for pallu. Usually six to seven pleats and then tucking it. 

  1. Pinning the Pallu

When you are done making the pleats of the pallu the next step comes to pinning a pallu. When you are done making the pleats of the pallu, hold them together and push them upwards so that the saree becomes fit on the lower body and you get a right silhouette.

 After it is perfectly fit and fine pin it on the left shoulder securely to get the saree done.     

  1. Adjusting the Pallu

After pinning the pallu you need to adjust it from the front and on the waist. Adjust the pleats in front properly so that they look perfect and make it tight on the waist so that it gives you a slim and nice fitting. You can pin the pallu in different styles too.

 Nowadays loose pallu at the waist and belted pallu are getting more popular as they look more stylish.   

  1. Giving the Final Touch

Finish your look by adjusting everything perfectly from shoulders to ankle. Start draping the saree from the correct side, make the pleats properly and tuck it in the petticoat, make the pallu and pin it perfectly on the blouse. 

It is not necessary to make a pleated pallu, you can also go for open pallu, seedha pallu or ulta pallu as per your choice. 

Complete your overall look with Accessories

Here are some of the accessories which can be worn with saree. 

Earrings: Bold and beautiful statement earrings are one of the most important accessoires that needs to be paired with every outfit. Wearing the matching one along with a saree is mandatory.

Rings: After earrings, another ornament which has to be paired with the saree is a ring. It can be a big artificial ring or a small diamond, gold ring. 

Neckpiece: When wearing a deep neck blouse why keep your neck empty? You can go for some long necklaces or a choker necklace to get a more complimenting look.

Bracelets: You can pair a matching bracelet or some beautiful bangles with the saree as per your choice.

Final Thought

These are the steps through which you can wear a saree in the right way and some accessories which will perfectly match to your saree and complete your overall saree look. 

This ethnic attire is the love of every lady and everyone cherishes to appear best in saree. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will definitely get a stunning appeal. 

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