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Andaman In Monsoon: To Not Experience The Crowds

Most tourists decide to stay away from the rainy season while evaluating the ideal time to visit the Andaman Islands. Since the intense southwest monsoons often end by September, each year’s tourism season typically begins in October. But what if you wanted to travel during the off-season to experience the Andaman in monsoon during June, July, and August? Even though it will be pouring heavily, the rainy season on these amazing islands makes them seem even more magical. You can explore the islands by simply choosing any of the Andaman family packages offered by Lock Your Trip

Imagine yourself immersed in the rain while exploring ancient jungles and tropical rainforests where elephants roam freely and magnificent flame-and-purple sunsets may be seen. This is the Andaman Islands as you’ve probably never imagined seeing it: during the enchanted monsoon season. In this blog, we will help you explore Andaman in monsoon season. 

Andaman In Monsoon

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are magnificent year-round, but this is especially true during the rainy season when the islands exhibit their real nature. This is a spectacular sight to see even as the island’s features (forests, roads, and waves) start to change. When the sun shines and the cloud cover lifts, sugar-white beaches take on a golden colour. And the lush vegetation on the islands will steal your breath away when raindrops fall on them. Pause for a second while you’re there. Enjoy the breathtaking monsoon views. 

Reasons To Visit Andaman In Monsoon

There’s your typical monsoon getaway, and then there’s a destination like the Andamans, where you want every aspect to be extremely romantic, even if you’re single and travelling alone.  Although Andaman is a year-round vacation spot and it nevertheless seems charming under heavy rain. So why not focus on the Andaman islands for your annual monsoon break and make special memories? 

A Memorable Walk Along The Best Beach In Asia

If you haven’t seen the well-known Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island, which is also regarded as Asia’s Best Beach, you haven’t truly experienced the Andaman. So, this is exactly how you should approach it. Get up early, quickly get dressed, gather your belongings, and head to Govind Nagar to eat a Bengali breakfast. Clear skies, calm waters, and a little wind are the hallmarks of a monsoon day here. And if you get up early, you’ll probably be the only one on the beach. Shelter in a little thatched house or hut, swim in the salty water, read a book, eat your food, and snap a few photos of the beautiful scenery. 

Snorkel At Bharatpur Beach

To explore the reef at Bharatpur Beach, choose a guided trip to the lovely Neil Island. The best part about snorkelling is that you don’t need to be able to swim; instead, all you have to do to get started is let go of your worries in the presence of a lifeguard and a guide. At Bharatpur Beach, put an end to your day while admiring the setting sun and the brilliant sea waves that are like molten gold. Rain transforms the environment into something lyrical and wonderful. 

Visit The Andaman Trunk Road For An Extraordinary Experience

Only serious explorers should attempt to reach the Alfred Caves in Diglipur. The Andaman Trunk Road is the ideal route to go to explore this stunning limestone edifice. Active hikers and geology students will enjoy the rush of adrenaline they experience throughout the hour-long hike to the caves and much more so after they arrive. It is a good idea to visit the caves during the rainy season since the caverns appear different during the monsoons. The region’s fascinating history is about to astonish you.

The Food In Andaman Deserves Special Note

When the rainy season arrives, the region’s mouthwatering treats, seafood, and munchies become even more alluring. Additionally, keep an eye out for fresh guavas, pineapples, mangoes, bananas, and other fruits. Many restaurants and cafés in the Andaman Islands serve delicious Israeli, Indian, and Continental cuisine. Despite this, Port Blair is still the best place to find delicious seafood in Andaman in monsoon. 

Off Season Discounts

What could be more enjoyable than landing in the Andamans during monsoon and getting great discounts on your hotel stay with fewer guests there? Additionally, as one of the selected few visitors, you would receive special treatment from the serving staff. It makes sense to travel to the Andaman islands when the sky is cloudy and dense for a benefit like this.

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