Invisalign Tips You Should Follow to Achieve a Great Success

Thinking about Invisalign? Just go for it. It has capability for smile transformation in just a few months without letting to know anyone. It is highly popular, comfortable and trusted by thousands of patients. However, it has its certain set of drawbacks as well. Here in this blog, we will compile top Invisalign tips to follow to make the Invisalign treatment a great success.

Aligner can stain, be careful!

The biggest perk of having Invisalign is it’s easily and completely removable.  Apart from popping them out from the mouth you need to maintain its translucent and clear appearance as well. Plastic aligner is really small and vulnerable to staining. Therefore to retain their fresh look, you have to brush the teeth after every meal. Also slight cleaning of the aligner can maintain the freshness for long.

Switch the tray prior bed time

Another benefit of Invisalign is its comfort! Irrespective of the time you switch, slight discomfort is natural. Invisalign will shift the teeth progressively to the desirable position with the use of sets of custom aligner. As no interruption should be there hence better switchover period is before your bed time. Your teeth get plenty of time to adjust with the new set of aligner without any disruption.

2 hours of non-wear time

You need to put on the aligner for long 22 hours every day to achieve the desirable smile from the first day of treatment. Even if you can keep them longer you will obtain better result in short span of time.

Invisalign is perfect go-to teeth straightening treatment for the busy individuals. This means you can easily remove them during playing musical instruments, engaging in sports and for a kiss.

Water is the key choice for you

Water is the only option you have while Invisalign is on! Any other foods and sugary beverages can decay the teeth staining the aligner badly. You should stay away from other drinks as well like sodas, tea and coffee.

Keep oral hygiene as top priority

Remember, to treat the Invisalign just like your natural teeth. Hence you need to clean and take proper care of the aligner. Similarly, you need to pay attention to your dental health as well. This is the reason you need to include maintenance of perfect oral hygiene as one of the most important Invisalign tips.

Every orthodontist will suggest you to brush the teeth right after each meal to eradicate the possibility of gum disease and decay. However, flossing, rinsing and brushing are always necessary.

Chewing gum can become table-turner

Chewies are really helpful for the Invisalign wearers. In fact, sugar-less chewing gum will clean the teeth perfectly after having a meal while securing the placement of the aligner as well.

Don’t throw the old aligner away

Losing the things is a common human nature. So, you should always keep the previous tray for avoiding retention. It will come into use if you break or lose the current set of tray. By this way, you can continue the treatment without any sort of interruption because of waiting for the new set.

The treatment will not finish unless you put on retainers

Most patients tempt to put an end to the Invisalign treatment without wearing the retainers. Sometimes, even they forget to wear them into the mouth. Despite the cause, to achieve your desirable smile you should follow all the above Invisalign tips.

On the basis of your condition, you may require to have the retainer for 6 months after completing the teeth straightening treatment. Fortunately, this one is only night time treatment. Read more about the Invisalign treatment.

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