Best Pediatric EHR Software 2021

About Pediatric EHR Software  

Pediatric EHR software is a set of records and procedures developed to assist you in managing your daily tasks more efficiently. Pediatric EHR software helps Pediatric practices optimize their workflow, schedule appointments, decide treatment alternatives, and focus on their patients’ overall well-being. 

Why Do You Need a best Pediatric EHR software? 

Pediatricians must manage patient visits efficiently while spending less time on refilling prescriptions and filling out paperwork. Simultaneously, billing employees must ensure that charges are appropriately collected and in conformity with E&M documentation rules. Offices that still use paper charts or an outdated practice management system will have a more difficult time attaining these administrative benefits than practices that use Pediatric EHR software.  

A Pediatric EHR software can also be linked with medical billing or scheduling software to form an integrated medical system. Billing personnel can use Pediatric billing software to check-in patients, verify eligibility, analyze diagnosis and treatments, and more.  

Unfortunately, with many Pediatric EHRs on the market, finding the best Pediatric EHR software is challenging. However, we are here to assist you. This detailed guide will include the top features of Pediatric EHR and our top picks for the best Pediatric EHR software. So let’s dig in! 

Essential Features of Pediatric EHR Software 

The Pediatric EHR software provides your clinic with unique features and capabilities. Some of the critical components that you must look out for during the demo include the following. 

Pediatric-specific Workflow 

The Pediatric EHR software handles a Pediatric clinic’s high-volume, short-notice, quick turnover aspect. It also allows you to record and protect confidential child records. Moreover, it offers support for various family arrangements dependent on the practice environment.  

Pediatric SOAP notes templates 

A Pediatric EHR Software includes sample templates for various conditions such as flu, allergies, abdominal pain, ear infection, appendicitis, reflux, vomiting/diarrhea, and viral infections.  

Vaccine Management 

Vaccine administration is an essential component of Pediatric practice; hence immunization management is critical in the Pediatric EHR software.  A recommended immunization schedule allows for notifications and automated reminder letters personalized for the patient and the practice. In addition, you can obtain paper or electronic parental authorizations via the most efficient techniques. Finally, the immunization order thoroughly documents all aspects, including selected site, batch number, and reaction if there is any.  

Growth Charts 

The best Pediatric EHR software records birth and prenatal information and charts, calculate growth patterns, and records developmental milestones.  A EHR is much more detailed than a generic one when it comes to recording age. During the demo, ensure that your EHR can document age in months, days, or even hours for a neonatologist.  

Medication Management 

In Pediatric practice, drug interactions and dose computations are challenging if done manually. However, the best EHR software for Pediatric patients offers dosage calculators, drug interaction screening and alert systems, and other features to ensure that patients are treated effectively and responsibly.  

Patient Forms 

A Pediatrician needs to handle a variety of documents, including parental consent forms, school excuse letters, patient referral letters, and physicals. These documents can be generated electronically on your customized letterhead by a Pediatric EHR Software and emailed or printed.  

Best Pediatric EHR Software 

For your Pediatric practice, there are hundreds of excellent software options on the market. Some assist with billing, while others support charting, but combining them on multiple platforms drastically restricts their efficiency. Only when a unified software family is fully integrated across all elements of your practice can you get the most out of it. Below are our favorite picks! 

Office Practicum 

Office Practicum is the leading manufacturer of Pediatric software, designed from scratch by Pediatricians to provide the most private, fully compatible Pediatric-specific on the market. Over 200 Pediatric-specific templates accompany the best Pediatric vaccine management solution. 

According to users, the vaccine management capability of Office Practicum is the most prominent feature. Many parts of the system, including many growth chart alternatives, such as Down’s Syndrome and preemie-specific development curves, are focused on the care of children. For over 20 years, Office Practicum has help Pediatricians streamline their workflow. According to users, it is one of the best EHR software for small practices. 

NextGen Software                                                                                          

With the NextGen Pediatric EHR and practice management software solutions. You can provide outstanding Pediatric care while working with minimal resources. With the help of fully integrated virtual visits, the NextGen EHR software increases access to care and manages government-issued health research funds. Furthermore, the company developed the software with the input of working Pediatricians, so the solutions are not a typical EHR system that has been tweaked to match the demands of care. Instead, they are designed to meet all the requirements of your specific workflow.  

athenahealth EHR  

athenahealth is a robust, award-winning cloud-based healthcare software that integrates electronic health records, telehealth, medical billing, mobile capabilities into a secure, patient engagement, and unified platform. You can examine the daily schedule and patient information, manage orders, and view incoming lab results on the EHR’s homepage.  

The billing module, which you can use in conjunction with or independently of the EHR, has a patented and constantly updated rules engine. In addition, visibility into daily tasks, unique benchmarking, proactive trend analysis, and other medical practice management solutions are also available. 

Our Two Bits 

Choosing the best EHR software according to your practice makes your work more effective because you have fewer administrative tasks to complete. You’ll also have a detailed record of all your actions, making EHR a wise investment. 

Whether you are looking for the best EHR software for small practice or large, we hope that this article will help you out. Pediatric-specific clinics require an efficient EHR, and our top picks can help you find the one!  

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