Boundary Holdings – An Investor in Artificial Intelligence Companies

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Rajat Khare an investor in Artificial Intelligence companies. Boundary holds investments in Edall Systems, InfiniDome, and a few other companies. These companies have all received substantial funding from Rajat Khare. But, before I talk about his investment strategy, let’s take a closer look at his background.

Boundary Holding

Founder Rajat Khare, along with his wife Shweta, have launched an unusual bridge fund – Boundary Holding. This venture makes investments in the next generation of technology, including algorithmic trading, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Boundary also invests in robotics and AI companies, including Asteria Aerospace, a Bengaluru-based drone company.

Boundary Holding was founded by Raj Atul Khare, a computer science graduate from IIT Delhi. He is now the CEO of this Luxembourg-based prop investment firm. After founding a chain of hi-tech training institutes with 110 locations in Asia, he turned around a struggling data analytics business.

Boundary Holding invests in Artificial Intelligence companies

The founder of Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare, has invested in a variety of AI startups and other revolutionary technologies. The firm focuses on AI, big data, drones, and sustainable models. The firm aims to replicate the success of startups that are already making a name for themselves. Founded in 2016, Boundary Holding has offices in Luxembourg, France, and the United States.

The founder of Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare has an extensive background in the world of startups and entrepreneurship. He previously worked for INSEAD and founded several companies. His background in the field of artificial intelligence has allowed him to identify opportunities and develop a portfolio of companies that have significant potential to transform industries. Boundary Holding’s portfolio includes XRVision, a company that develops software to detect and respond to complex tasks.

Boundary Holding invested in Edall Systems

The investment from global investment firm Boundary Holding in Edall Systems, a company with a focus on mapping surveys, was an excellent choice for Khare, a graduate of IIT Delhi. He has been an active member of the IIT Delhi Alumni Association and The Indus Entrepreneurs. In addition, Khare has served as a keynote speaker at over 20 conferences. Edall Systems’ time is a good one, as the recent relaxation and liberalization of drone regulations will boost the drone industry in India.

Boundary Holding is an investment company based in Europe that prefers early-stage companies. Its portfolio is centered on information technology, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, the firm looks for companies that can apply these technologies to businesses. Edall Systems’ impressive client list should give the firm a boost as it looks to expand beyond the government sector.


The InfiniDome has acquired investments worth $1.1M from Rajat Khare’s investment firm, Boundary Holdings. This company focuses on AI-powered driverless cars and connected cars. Rajat Khare visited the founders of InfiniDome in Europe and formed meaningful relationships. They also practiced yoga together, which helped build synergies. The company plans to use its technology to protect driverless cars in urban settings.

In addition to InfiniDome Rajat Khare, a serial entrepreneur and founder of a Luxembourg-based next-generation know-how fund. Rajat Khare began his entrepreneurial journey by founding a schooling firm. He later honed his entrepreneurial skills by serving as a mentor for numerous startups. His book, Make the Transfer, helped entrepreneurs succeed.


Boundary Holding is a Luxembourg-based next-generation technology fund focused on artificial intelligence and deep-tech-related businesses. Founder Rajat Khare began his career as a college student, co-founding an education startup and serving as a mentor to other entrepreneurs. After he graduated from IIT Delhi, he founded his own firm and now focuses on active early-stage investments around the world. The Founder of Boundary Holding, Rajat is a member of the IIT Delhi alumni association, The Indus Entrepreneurs.

In addition to his ventures in technology, Rajat Khare has a deep background in computer science. He has written numerous research papers and books and has been praised by Dr. Abdul Kalam, among others. The investor has a wealth of experience and is passionate about fostering innovation in the world. He is currently working on the latest projects in his field and continues to seek opportunities to invest in the most promising startups in the space.


Founded in New York, Elistair has facilitated new fields of applications for several organizations. The company has received numerous awards and investments and has recently partnered with the Luxembourg-based investment firm, Bounday Holding. With this funding, the company hopes to unlock the full potential of the company and expand its operations across the globe. Boundary Holding plans to use the funds to expand Elistair’s operations in the UAV industry, which is gaining increasing attention in areas such as the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

In 2016, Rajat Khare founded Boundary Holding, an European venture capital firm that invests in companies that develop revolutionary technologies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), UAVs, and Big Data. With his experience, he has been able to replicate his own success in a number of startups, and his work has been recognized as a case study at INSEAD. Boundary Holding’s investments include Singapore-based facial recognition startup XRVision, UAV solutions provider Asteria Aerospace, and France-based C-UAV solutions startup Cerbair.

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