Brush your teeth without waste? 4 types of zero waste toothpaste tablets!

How to take care of a healthy mouth and a healthy world simultaneously? With sustainable oral care! Products that are good for you and nature. Natural alternatives to dental care products are becoming increasingly popular. The plastic-free variants offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tube toothpaste. For example, besides plastic-free toothpaste, there is also waste-free toothpaste tablets. The goal is to clean your mouth without waste. Below is more information on making oral care as zero waste as possible.

What is zero waste toothpaste?

Regular toothpaste often comes in a non-biodegradable plastic tube you cannot reuse and must throw away. Every year, millions of plastic tubes end up in garbage cans and oceans. The vast choice regarding “zero waste” options for your oral care. From tablets to powders, to boxed or jarred toothpaste. Each product has its advantages but also its disadvantages. The important thing for everyone is that they take good care of their teeth. 

Toothpaste tablets refill are chewable toothpaste in tablet form. You can easily distribute the tablets. In addition, this zero waste option is very convenient to take on a trip. 1 tablet is equivalent to 1 brushing time. So you will always have enough toothpaste for the road. For the best zero-waste toothpaste tablets, you can choose between tablets with fluoride and tablets without fluoride. The fluoride-free variety contains nano-hydroxyapatite particles that protect your teeth from acids and sugars. 

Toothpaste tablets are often packaged in convenient, refillable boxes or jars. If the jar is empty, you can buy a refill to refill the toothpaste tablets and reuse the jar. So you can brush your teeth with zero waste toothpaste for a month. Available in mint and charcoal flavors. 

  1. Zero waste toothpaste powder

Are you looking for a powder variant for your sustainable dental care? With eco-friendly toothpaste tablets, you can clean your teeth. You can use the toothpaste powder by spreading it on the toothbrush with a spatula. Or by dipping the toothbrush in the toothpowder. Make sure the toothbrush is not too wet to avoid lumps.

  1. Toothpaste on a stick

Want a strong, waste-free toothpaste that you can use for a long time? Then a solid toothpaste on a stick might be just what you need! You can easily pass the toothpaste along the stick and brush your teeth with it. The downside is that you need a holder to prevent toothpaste stains in your bathroom and to keep the toothpaste free from bacteria and dust.

  1. Potted toothpaste

To avoid the above drawbacks. There is also solid toothpaste that is zero waste and comes in a jar. You can easily use the toothpaste from the jar to brush your teeth. Use a spatula to extract the toothpaste from the jar. 

Waste-free brushing routine

As you can see, there are countless ways to brush your teeth without waste. It is good to know that it is difficult to do without waste completely. The products must be protected from external influences such as moisture and bacteria. To get as close to zero waste toothpaste, it is packaged in biodegradable, reusable, or refillable packaging. This keeps waste to a minimum. Do you already practice sustainable oral care? Please tell us what your favorite zero-waste toothpaste is. Do you want to experiment with toothpaste tablets? Order your Chewable Toothpaste Sample!

What does “zero waste” mean?

Translated, zero waste means “no waste”. It’s about becoming aware of waste and making a positive contribution by wasting less. This includes wasted food as well as wasted items and packaging.

What is zero waste toothpaste?

Zero waste toothpaste are toothpaste whose packaging does not contain plastic. In addition, they are packaged in (reusable) packaging.


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