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By Hand, Steam Or In The Washing Machine?

Find Out How To Wash Curtains At Home

At each change of season, our home also undergoes important changes; it starts with the wardrobe and ends with the curtains. In this article, we will see how to wash and dry curtains at home.

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When to wash the curtains? And why?

Washing the curtains at least twice a year as well as for aesthetic and hygienic reasons is important to preserve the health of the inhabitants of the house. The risk of having dirty curtains is the accumulation of dust and bacteria (which often lead to diseases, allergies and health problems), as well as the stale smell that could infest the entire room where the curtain is present.

Furthermore, being textile decorations, curtains often absorb strong odours such as smoke and this would remain in the room, filling the air. The curtains placed in rooms such as the kitchen must be washed more frequently and carefully since they could easily absorb the smells and vapours of the dishes prepared (such as the steam of a soup or the smell of fried food).

How to proceed with cleaning the curtains, then?

Remove dust and wash

First of all, it is highly advisable to vacuum the curtains with a suction nozzle every 10 days to remove all the dust that settles on them.

curtain cleaning

The various types of fabric

There are particularly delicate fabrics that only require dry cleaning (such as organza and taffeta) and others that also allow washing in the washing machine.

On the contrary, delicate materials or particularly elaborate embroidery such as those of velvet or silk curtains require a more expert hand.

What techniques can we use to wash the curtains?

  • Steam

Curtains can be cleaned using steam. With the appropriate machines and a ladder, you can easily clean and sanitize your tents. This method is particularly recommended for those suffering from allergies to mites as it is one of the most effective procedures for disinfecting and degreasing the fabric. You have to start with the curtains closed, from top to bottom and, according to the construction of the curtain, using the special brush (directly on the fabric) or the direct jet (in this case use a distance of about 15 cm).

Once the steam has passed, the curtains must be allowed to dry before reopening. Once dry they will be ready to open.

  • The washing machine

Some types of curtains, as mentioned above, can be easily washed in the washing machine. Make sure that the material is suitable and that the washing machine has the right capacity (usually about 7 kg).

Before washing, it is a good idea to fold the curtains on themselves and immerse them in the tub half-filled with cold water. After a few minutes, you can decide whether to change the water and repeat the operation or proceed with washing (based on the dust and dirt left in the tank). Modern washing machines have a specific program for curtains and often washing takes place at around 30 ° C.

If the program is not there, you can easily set it yourself, making sure that it does not exceed 30 ° C, do not forget to remove the centrifuge at the end and put them in the washing machine folded on themselves (or using special laundry bags). There are delicate detergents suitable for curtains that can be easily purchased in supermarkets or specific stores for the home. If these are not available, a mild neutral detergent can be used.

Without centrifuge, the curtains will be soaked but the positive side is that once they are put back in their hooks, their weight when wet will favour the fact that it will not be necessary to iron them once they are dry as there will be no annoying creases. Avoiding squeezing them will therefore obtain a natural stretching.

  • Handwash

If you want to proceed with hand washing and the fabric allows it, you must always remember to use cold water.

Before immersing the curtains, make sure that there are no stains of any kind; these must be treated when the fabric is dry with a special stain remover (usually the instructions are shown on the package) or Marseille soap (the latter can be left on the curtain for hours as it is very delicate). The spots should not be rubbed at all (this would help to penetrate the weft that stains the curtain and would make the problem more serious.) But should be dabbed gently.

When the curtains are ready to be immersed in water, place the drape carefully and folded on itself, soak for a few minutes. Then, according to the colour of the water, repeat the step a couple of times. At this point, change the water and add the detergent (a suitable for curtains or a very delicate and neutral detergent). In the case of white curtains, you can add sodium bicarbonate to have a brighter colour.

Rinse very carefully and change the water several times until it is clear.

Find Out How To Wash Curtains At Home

Finally, spread the curtains without squeezing them to avoid unsightly wrinkles.

Relying on professionals

Here are often laundries and cleaning agencies that offer curtain washing services with brilliant results.

If you have particularly delicate curtains or with a fabric that requires special attention, it is better, in order not to damage it, to contact an expert. The Hobart Clean Masters, among its services, also offers curtain cleaning service without washing them. Available for both individuals and companies and with experience that goes beyond years, we will surely know how to handle all types of curtains.

Through our website, you can fill out a special form to request a free quote and get in touch with one of the team’s experts. For further questions or clarifications regarding the service you are looking for, you can also contact me directly by telephone, e-mail or through the appropriate chat on the website. Hobart Clean Masters claims service of professionals available for the care of every single customer 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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