Can You Drink Coffee and Red Wine after Performing Teeth Whitening?

Coffee and red wine cause stain marks to your teeth. Most people are not aware about them and they love to enjoy these drinks. You should make some adjustments to your diet and create major differences in how long the results will last. This will enable you to maintain brighter and whiter teeth for a long time. Go through this blog post whether you can drink red wine and coffee after teeth whitening or not.

Should you avoid drinking coffee and red wine?

It is really difficult to avoid drinking red wine and coffee for undergoing whitening treatment. Still, you have to avoid them for at least two days as the method makes the teeth highly susceptible to stains.

After two days, you can drink red wine and coffee after teeth whitening. But coffee and wine have tannins in them which might be the reason for stains. The effects of consuming these tannins can cause discoloration on the tooth surface of the enamel. So, you should try to avoid them as much as possible.


When you have to avoid coffee, you can always try consuming green tea. See how long the liquid touches your teeth as less contact time means less stains and maintaining your teeth color.

If you sip on your coffee all day, then try drinking the cup in less time than usual. Your teeth won’t suffer from the same discoloration. When you have iced coffee, always try sipping it with a straw and bypass the teeth.

Finally, you should rinse mouth with water often as you drink coffee for cleansing the teeth. This way, you can protect the teeth from further damage and they will remain strong. restbet

Red wine

Red wine causes stain marks to the tooth and you should maintain good dental hygiene habits for giving tannins fewer surface to cling. When you take white or rose wine occasionally, this may prevent the teeth from excess staining.

Whatever foods or drinks you have, make sure you drink water immediately after washing away the stains before they get entrenched on the teeth surface.

You need to schedule your mouth cleanings regularly at Teeth Whitening London in order to ensure the teeth remain clean and free from plaque. With the help of professional teeth whitening treatment, you will be able to prevent unnecessary stains to your teeth.

Why some foods and drinks lead to discoloration

Dyes, tannins and some chemical compounds may cause stains to your teeth. Most people will find that some foods and drinks cause teeth discoloration within a short time. restbet giriş

Different kinds of food coloring like sports drinks are blue or bright orange in color. They may lead to permanent tooth discoloration in due course. Make sure you do not take them in excess otherwise, they will be the reason for severe damage to your teeth.

Common foods which cause stains to the teeth include:

  • Red wine
  • Dark teas
  • Coffee
  • Sports drinks
  • Berries
  • Sports drinks
  • Balsamic vinegar

You need to visit at www.teethwhitening.london to schedule an appointment for your professional whitening treatment and get rid of stain marks. This way, you will have brighter and whiter teeth and show your smile with confidence. restbet

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