Essential Tips to Keep Your Valuable Jewellery Safe

Collecting expensive jewellery is a two-way sword. On one hand, you got these beautiful pieces of artisanship that are quite rare nowadays. But that comes with enormous responsibility.

There are specific ways to store your jewellery. For instance, you cannot store high-end pearls the same way as gold jewellery. While in some cases, storage can be a matter of personal choice. Some people love to display their collection, some like to keep it personal.

Below, we have accumulated some guidelines on how to keep your fine pieces of jewellery safe.

Keep jewellery separated by metals

The first job is to do an inventory of the jewellery you own. And never keep antique jewellery with regular costume jewellery. Keep the silver separated from gold. This will keep them from tarnishing against friction.

Experts always suggest using zip lock bags to perverse the polish on the jewellery for a longer time. Use smaller zip lock bags, so that each piece is separated from the other.

Jewellery repair

Clean and dry your jewellery before boxing

Finer jewellery, like diamonds or gold, needs a little more care than others. When worn for a long time, sweat and moisture can often affect the colour or polish of the jewellery.

So, before storing them in their box, use a soft cloth to dry out any sweat from the piece. Storing dirty jewellery for a prolonged period can premature it, causing it to tarnish easily.

Steps to clean your jewellery at home:

  • Mix lukewarm water with a very mild detergent or body soap.
  • Keep the jewellery in the solution for a minute or two.
  • Use a soft brush to buff any dirt or grease.
  • Pat dry with a microfibre cloth.

Examine well before storing

It is always easy to get the smaller things repaired. With regular use, the clasp of the jewellery can get jammed or stones can get loose, especially with antique pieces.

Before storing them, give the jewellery a thorough examination. Look at the locks, stone placements, colours. It is always better to look for any signs of wear and tear under natural light. If you can find any issues, get jewellery repairing done as soon as possible. This can save you from bigger problems later.

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Store jewellery in a dry place

Humidity is not a friend of jewellery. It speeds up the tarnish process.

If you live in a place with high humidity, consider storing your fine jewellery in an air-conditioned room during the summers. You can keep silica packets in your jewellery box to keep the excess moisture away.

Antique jewellery remains in the best condition when kept in dark and cool places—like your wardrobe.

Keep the pieces aways from UV exposure

Fine pieces of jewellery must be kept away from burglary and sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the jewellery. Old stones like diamonds, sapphire can get scratched when rubbed with other metals or stones.

Keep pearls in wooden boxes with felt lining. Storing pearls in a plastic box can cause the plastic to react with the pearls, deteriorating them.

Get jewellery valuation for valuable pieces

No one wants to think about the worst that could happen with your jewellery. But if unfortunately, if your jewellery gets stolen you would need jewellery insurance.

Consult with a professional jewellery valuation company like Prestige Valuations. These specialised companies are equipped to handle probate jewellery valuations, insurance or divorce settlements. Get a valuation for your precious pieces for a rainy day.

We hope that this guide has offered some insights on keeping your valuable jewellery safe. Also, educate yourself about the jewellery you own—the raw materials, the stones, the design. Knowing about these factors will help you to understand how the jewellery is ageing.

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