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Logistics shipping

Logistics Shipping (plural – logistics) is a branch of commerce that refers to the movement of materials and finished products. In its purest form, logistics is the movement of resources in a coordinated fashion. The basic function of logistics is to ensure the efficient movement of resources between two locations at a given price and within a specified time frame. In business, logistics shipping is used to improve the overall efficiency of operations through a systematic approach. In fact, logistics is often called the science of movement. It involves the collection, recording, analysis, use, transport, storage, marketing, and advertising of goods and services.


Logistics Shipping involves not only air cargo but all modes of transport. Transportation modes include air freight, sea freight, land freight, trucking, auto transport, rail freight, and other sea-going modes like sea shipping. All of these require an efficient carrier to move the shipments smoothly. They also require a logistics shipping company that is capable of transporting your shipments in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These companies provide a variety of services to the clients to help them with their logistics shipping needs.

freight address

Consignees have the right of access to the consignee list, freight address, invoice number, and date of consignment. Freight forwarders have an agreement with the shipper where the carrier will pay for the transportation cost of the shipment. If the consignee does not want additional fees, he/she should ask the carrier for a refund. This refund can be done only if the shipment is non-deliverable. If the shipment is delivered, the carrier has to reimburse the consignee for all expenses incurred during delivery. bodrum escort

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There are some additional fees that may apply to some carriers, especially those that operate between overseas locations. The additional fees may apply for land transportation or for sea transportation. Additional fees may apply to certain ports of call, certain routes, or certain types of shipments. Information on additional fees or stipulations will be provided by the carrier at the time of shipment. A client can also request additional information from the carrier if he/she is interest in maximizing his/her returns on logistics shipping services. The client can contact the carrier through the website, toll-free, or through written queries.

Environmental and other hazards

In order to protect their interests, shippers should investigate the carrier’s insurance policy and additional cargo insurance coverage. Some policies include provisions for damage due to negligence, fire, theft, terrorism, environmental and other hazards. Others also provide for breach of contract suits, refunds, and interest.

Discuss your shipments

Shippers need to investigate all fees associated with their shipment. Some carriers impose reasonable handling fees, but others may apply fees that are unreasonable. Please contact us to discuss your shipments and fees. We will evaluate your shipping costs and the number of shipments you need to make to determine the fees.

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Freight shipping operators usually provide two types of services

palletized loads and lift gate shipments. The term “palletize load” refers to a single unit of merchandise that is send on one shipment. A “lift gate” shipment is a shipment that has a flat bottom, but it is open by lifting the bottom of the unit. You may also hear the terms “flat rate” or “unified rate”. These are descriptions of flat rates and unified rates. escort bodrum


Please contact us to discuss additional fees and charges. If the quoted price does not meet your needs, you can cancel the transaction. We will notify you in writing if the price quoted is not reasonable or contains hidden fees. We reserve the Contract logistics right to withdraw from the deal and refund your payments, in case the deal is unsuccessful. Your credit card will be charge if you request a cancellation.

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