How can You Pick the Best Braces Colour for Your Teeth?

Best Braces Colour for Your Teeth

The problem of crooked or aligned teeth is the reason why some people need to wear invisible braces for some months and years. So, you can select your favourite colour of braces which can be – blue, red, pink, purple and green. If you want, you can always mix and match them for creating your combination of colours. When you have trouble in choosing the right colour for your braces, you should find your nearest Invisalign dentist and then consult with him. Go through this blog post to know how to pick the best braces colour of your teeth.

Braces colour wheel – Know about different colours of braces

Modern braces have a wide selection of colour and you may choose from braces colour wheels that consists of different shades of eve9ry rainbow colour. Whether it is candy apple red to deep maroon, shade of teal or royal blue, you have greater choices to coloured braces.

How often you can change the colour of braces

As the provider tightens the metal wires during each visit, you may select new colours at every appointment. This will depend on how often you see your orthodontist. You can choose new colours in every four to eight weeks. This means you do not have to use the same braces colour for a long time in case it does not work for you.

What your braces colour says about you

Some colours denote different kinds of emotions and say something about you. It is about the exact meaning behind a particular colour and more than a signature colour.

  • Red is generally related to passion or anger, but it also denotes courage, power and strength.
  • Bluewill reflect loyalty, intelligence and calmness.
  • Greenmay denote growth, good fortune and harmony.
  • Orange can be a popular colour of braces for creative and enthusiastic people.
  • Yellow is about the most cheerful colour you may select.
  • Purple is usually considered as a mystical colour.
  • Whitesymbolizes purity, innocence and hope.
  • Blackcan be the colour of mourning or convey strength, elegance and power.

What you need to consider when selecting the colour of your braces

It is not very easy to choose the colour of your braces with different options available. There are certain things to consider before selecting the right braces colour for you.

  • Consider your diet – If you have the habit of drinking lots of coffee or eating berries, then they may cause staining to the color of braces.
  • Know the shade of your teeth – Some braces colours make the teeth appear off-coloured. So, choosing dark shade braces will make your teeth look brighter and whiter.
  • Your complexion matters for braces – Your complexion is important when choosing braces like the colour of clothes you wear. If you do not like how you will look by wearing some colours, then you will not want it on your teeth.

Colour combination of braces

What happens when you cannot select between two colours? This is when you need to opt for a colour combination which gives you the best of both the worlds. Some popular colour combinations for your braces are:

Choose colour of braces that make the teeth appear whiter

If you are hoping to make the teeth appear whiter, then it is necessary to select the right colour of braces. The dark shades such as navy blue, black and dark purple will make the teeth appear whiter. If none of them suit your requirement, then you can try light blue or red to make the teeth look brighter.

Sometimes, you may go with neutral shades as grey, silver and coloured bands will not make the teeth look whiter. But they will also not draw attention to teeth discolorations. It is always good to avoid tea, coffee and dark sodas in order to prevent stains marks on your teeth. This may probably change the color of your bands.

Avoid these colours for your braces

Regretfully, every colour will not work for everyone. Some colours might look great on one person but will not suit others. Below is the list of some colours that do not work well for everyone.

  • White braces – They are a good option but can actually turn into off-white colour after eating and drinking some foods and drinks. They may make the teeth appear yellow as the enamel of the tooth might not be naturally white like the bands.
  • Darker colours – Navy blue and dark purple will make your teeth appear whiter as they contrast with natural colour of teeth. You should be very careful when selecting dark shades though dark brown and dark green may give the appearance of food stuck in between the teeth.
  • Gold and yellow – They can bring out the natural yellow color of your teeth and makes them appear yellowish than they are,
  • Everyone does not have same teeth colour – People with yellow hint in their teeth would like to choose silver or clear bands. On the other hand, people with natural white colour may select black to make the teeth appear whiter.

Great alternatives to the traditional metal braces

If none of these options seem to interest you, then you should speak with the orthodontist and know whether you are the right candidate for non-traditional braces.


Invisalign uses clear aligners known as trays for your teeth straightening. You can remove the trays at the time of brushing, flossing, eating and drinking. Though the trays are removable, you should wear the braces for at least 20 to 22 hours in a day. This will enable you to attain the most desired results from the Invisalign treatment in London. You can book an Invisalign consultation to know everything about this orthodontic braces.

Invisible ceramic and clear braces 

Ceramic and clear braces, also called invisible braces function just like the traditional brackets. Though they are connected with a metal wire, the brackets combine with natural teeth colour. When selecting the right colour of your braces, it is important that you know how to take care of them and practice good oral hygiene habits. Do not eat certain foods and brush after taking every meal to keep the braces clean.

It is important to see your dentist regularly and visit the hygienist once in every 3 months. This will ensure your teeth are clean and you stay on the right track to a healthy smile.

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