How to Draw a Griffin

How to Draw a Griffin

There are many weird and wonderful beasts and monsters throughout different legends and mythologies worldwide. One of the most famous of these beasts is the mighty griffin which is commonly believe to have originated in Greek and Roman mythology.

This creature has a lion’s body while it has a giant eagle’s head, wings, and claws. This means it looks great, but it can also make it tricky to learn how to draw a griffin. That’s what this tutorial is for; at the end, you’ll see how fun and easy it can be! We hope you enjoy performing with us on this step-by-step focus on how to draw a griffin in 6 easy actions.

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How to Draw a Griffin – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

Starting this guide on drawing a griffin, we will first draw the head and beak of the beast. We will use an irregular line to outline the head and neck. This will be to give the outline a softer, lighter texture. We’ll also use curved lines that culminate in a pointed tip to give the faucet a sharp beak. Finally, draw some eyes on the face, and then we can finish this step by drawing two spiky feathers sticking out of the top of the head. Once all of these have been drawn we can force on to the double step of the guide.

Step 2

For the next part of your griffin drawing, we’ll add the front legs to the creature. They are mostly shaped like lion paws, but the ends will end in sharp claws. Use more jagged lines to create the smooth, rounded tops of the legs as they appear in our reference image. Then we’ll use lots of little shapes that connect to make the griffin’s wrinkled legs, and finally, you can draw the claws at the end.

Step 3

Griffons are almost always depicte with big, impressive wings. which we’ll be drawing in this step of our guide on how to draw a griffin. For now, we will only draw the front of the wings. The first will extend up and back from the base of the head and, as seen in the reference image, will be quite impressive in size. Draw another curved line for the wing outline on the other side, and then you can finish by drawing another leg below.

Step 4

This part of your griffin drawing will allow you to add the final back leg for the creature. Use curved lines to draw the other hind leg next to the other. This will also connect to the rest of the back of the faucet, and the tail will flow back as well.

Step 5

Continuing with this guide on how to draw a griffin, we will now add some more feather details for the griffin’s wing. To do this, draw many small curved lines along the edge of the front of the wings. As you get closer to the top of the wing, these lines can get longer and longer to look like larger feathers.

Step 6

You’re almost ready to move on to the final step of this faucet drawing, but first, we have a few things to add. We’re going to draw the rest of the wings, and we’ll do this using much longer curved lines to create more feathers. These feathers will be significantly larger than any of the others you’ve drawn, filling in the final space between the body and the wing. Once the outline is finished, you can add some details and elements of your own! Maybe you could draw a background or add a few more mythological creatures to go with it and get some ideas. What can you think about finishing this image before the final step?

Step 7

This is the final step in our guide on drawing a griffin, and here we’ll finish it by adding some colors. Our reference image used a light tan brown color for the lion’s body parts. We then used a bit of yellow for the eagle parts of the legs and beak and then used light blues and grays for the head and neck feathers. 

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