How To Keep Your Production Floor Cool And Comfortable

When it comes to manufacturing, you have to make sure that every production unit is kept comfortable and cool. This will increase the efficiency of your employees and keep them happy. Production floor cooling and air conditioning is critical component of many modern manufacturing operations. If the temperature in a facility gets too hot or too cold, it can have an impact on the employee’s performance, as well as their health. Industrial cooling is a key component to keeping production floors comfortable and safe for employees.

With increased expectations placed on the efficiency of production lines and competition to produce at lower cost, manufacturers need to make sure that their employees are working in a healthy environment. 

There is so much cooling equipment such as air conditioning Sydney that can help to reduce fatigue and increase productivity by keeping workers cool, comfortable, and safe. This article aims to introduce various solutions for the production units and factories of industries to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity level while saving energy. Some of how you can do this include:

Keep Windows And Doors Open

In the summertime, production lines are very hot. When it’s hot, it can be hard to keep your workers productive and your production lines running smoothly. But having an open-door policy can do more than just help you keep cool. Opening up the workplace to the outside world and letting in fresh air is more than a good way to boost morale. When you open up those doors and windows, you’re inviting in the very thing that helps drive productivity-fresh air.

Adjust Thermostats

The temperature of a plant’s production floor can have a significant impact on costs, product quality, and employee morale when the temperature is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. To keep production costs down, management can adjust thermostats so that it is only set two degrees higher than the outside air during summer months to help keep the heat out. It will help in maintaining the optimum temperature inside the production units.

Install Fans To Maintain Air Flow

Using fans for ventilation is also an excellent way to reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the area, as it creates a breeze that keeps workers comfortable and allows them to work longer without getting tired or fatigued. Also, if you want to keep your machines from overheating, you can do so by installing some fans in the production room to blow the hot air out of them.

Use Evaporative Cooling for Low Humidity Climates

Evaporative cooling is an energy-efficient way to keep your production floor cool. This method of cooling uses fewer resources and can save you money by reducing your energy bills. One of the biggest benefits of evaporative cooling is that it requires a smaller investment in equipment. Evaporative coolers are much more economical for manufacturers who want to cool their production floors. Evaporative cooling is the process used to cool air by moving it over a moist surface. 

The water evaporates and pulls heat out of the surrounding area through the temperature difference between the water and the dry air. This causes the air temperature to drop, creating a cooling effect. Pipes are placed in an open-top container partially filled with water, which can be pumped up or down to control airflow and humidity.

Install Ducted Air Conditioning Units

The word ‘cool’ is a relative term. As a human, you might feel comfortable at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. But in the case of a computer, even that is too hot. If you are making computers, then you will have to keep the temperature inside your factory at around 17 degrees Celsius – otherwise, your computer chips will fry and your machine will stop working. Installing ducted air conditioning units to cool the production floor is a wise decision for many businesses.

 Ducted air conditioning systems are more efficient than central air, which is often used in large buildings. Therefore, you should consider the installation of a new technology air conditioning unit at the production house to keep the production units cool. This new technology ducted air conditioning Sydney would let you maintain the required temperature inside the production units.

Take Help of Professional

The production floor is an essential part of any manufacturing unit. The temperature of the production floor must be consistent throughout the year, as a change in temperature can affect the quality of products. Hence, it is necessary to keep the production floor cool and comfortable. 

To achieve this, one can take the help of professionals. They will design a comprehensive cooling system for the production floor. This will help to maintain the temperature of the floor at a suitable level throughout the year.

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