The importance of mobile push notifications on car dealers app

Web push notification is a familiar concept to everyone. It shows up on both mobiles as well as desktops. The majority of people now use their mobile devices on a regular basis. So, you need to come up with ways to get more people to use your app on their phones. There are many factors that go into the success of a mobile app, including how well it is promoted and how well its users keep it. It’s the little features that matter most, like mobile push notifications, which are typically the ones that go unnoticed. 

What do mobile push notifications mean? 

a mobile push notification is a message sent to a customer’s smartphone from your app that they have downloaded on their device. Once a user has opted to receive notifications, you can notify the user about the latest updates, discounts, and messages about significant feature upgrades or functionality that needs the user’s attention. 

To put it simply, businesses may use push notifications to send information that benefits customers, add value, and keep them engaged in your app. 

Push notifications are popular in today’s mobile apps, and that’s no surprise considering how prevalent they are across all types of applications. Approximately 43% of iOS users and 91% of Android opt-in to get these notifications, which obviously results in increased customer retention and conversions.

In this post, we will share some of the benefits of push notifications that will help car dealers in their app development process and marketing. 

What are the benefits of using mobile push notifications on car dealer’s apps?

Enhances user engagement 

Push notifications will help you get more customers at certain points in the sales process. They can help you provide real-time notifications and updates to your audience, even if they aren’t aware of it so that they engage with your business frequently. As a result, today’s businesses have a better chance to engage with their customers via push notifications. 

Using mobile app notifications, you can stay in touch with your customers in a non-intrusive manner by sending the latest update and valuable information, such as reward details and promotional codes. 

Customer retention 

Several mobile apps have many potential customers who have installed the app but never used it. Push notifications are a great option to get these people who haven’t used your service in the past to use it again. According to research, more (high-value) push notifications can boost app retention 5 to 10 times. In fact, the average retention rates for consumers who subscribe to mobile notifications are significantly higher. You’ll have a much better chance of retaining customers if your mobile push notifications can reflect the direct personal value your dealership provides. 

Convert more people 

The best strategy to enhance conversion rates is to send timely marketing messages that alert or generate a sense of urgency in users. For example, abandoned carts are an issue for all e-commerce owners. A number of shoppers start their purchases but then abandon their carts and leave the app. In order to overcome this challenge and recover potential customers, you can run a push notification campaign where users can be notified if they left the app with a product still in their cart. 

This way, car dealers can increase their retargeting CTR two folds compared to traditional mobile advertisements with the help of push notifications. Start sending informative messages to your users and notify them about unique discounts and limited-time offers available at your dealership. 

Target the right audience 

Mobile apps could even request the users to access their location. If you’re granted permission, you’ll be able to use location-specific push notifications to enhance the consumer experience. Users in a certain time zone can receive offers tailored to their location via a mobile app. 

User segments too can be narrowed down based on their location. For example, car dealers can remind users at car repair or gas stations about new cars and offers at their dealerships. The ability to send personalized, location-based push notifications to your users can help you build stronger relationships with them. 

Important things to remember 

Mobile push notification is an effective marketing tactic for all business owners, especially car dealers. There are several advantages to using well-thought-out and timely reminders for marketing your dealership to those already interested in it. You can utilize push notifications to expand and retain your existing app customers with proper planning aligned with your business goals.

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