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how to Replace a Broken LCD or Touch Screen

The search for a replacement for LCDs and touch displays can be frustrating if they break after a significant investment. Thankfully, this blog can be of assistance. You may learn how to fix a cracked LCD or touch screen on the Samsung Galaxy A515, A51 Black Original, in this article. We’ll lead you through every stage of the disassembly procedure and explain everything as we go. After removing the old LCD or touch screen assembly, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily install a new one. Therefore, this instruction is ideal for you whether you’re having a technical problem with your phone or simply want to replace an old LCD or touch screen for aesthetic reasons.

The Samsung Galaxy A515, A51 Black Original, what is it?

A smartphone’s LCD and touch screen panels are crucial components, and as a result, they are susceptible to various types of damage. There are a few possibilities for repairs if the LCD or touch screen on your phone isn’t working properly. You can use Samsung’s online program to make repairs. You will get a phone back while this process takes place, which should take roughly four weeks. Be aware that it will cost more if you decide to have your device repaired at a service center. The phone will resurface, though, with a 5-inch screen and the mobile Snapdragon 625 platform. The Galaxy A515, A51 Black Original was also released in August 2017, making it a fantastic choice for people seeking for a cheap smartphone.

Dismantling the Phone

The screen is the most crucial component of smartphones. To be able to replace it when it malfunctions is crucial.  First, notice the equipment you’ll require: a Phillips screwdriver, plastic clip diagonal cutters, needle-nose pliers, and a Hammer tool (if required). Next, take off the device’s motherboard and back panel. These components can be taken out and replaced with new ones. Before you begin replacing the parts, make careful to test the phone to ensure you haven’t missed anything and further damaged it. Last but not least, replacing the broken screen is necessary to keep using the  Mobile Parts .

The LCD Panel/Touch Screen Assembly Must Be Removed From The Frame

Your problems have just been solved if you’re trying to replace a damaged LCD or touch screen assembly on the Samsung Galaxy A515, A51 Black Original! Now the part is easily accessible and replaceable. The four screws holding the housing in place must first be removed. The housing’s two sections should then be gently separated using a pry tool. You can access the damaged LCD or touch screen assembly and replace it after separating the housing. When putting everything back together, be sure to note where the screws are because you will need them to reattach the housing. Lastly, make sure to remove any leftover debris from the restoration operation. Gratitude for reading!

Taking Off the Front Cover

It might be time to replace your Samsung Galaxy A515, A51 Black Original’s LCD or touch screen if you’re having problems with it. Fortunately, changing the LCD or touch screen is a simple process. To start, take off the front cover by doing the phone lcd part .

New LCD/Touch Screen Assembly Installation

It’s time to replace your Galaxy A515, A51’s LCD or touch screen assembly if it’s broken. Long-term savings in time and money aren’t the only benefits of doing this; the new LCD/touch screen assembly also comes with a full guarantee. Call us right away for further details on how to replace the damaged LCD or touch screen assembly on your Galaxy A515, A51! A skilled expert can complete the simple installation procedure in a matter of minutes.


This article is for you if the LCD or touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy A515, A51 Black Original is malfunctioning. You may easily replace the damaged screen by following the instructions provided in this page. We’ve also provided instructions on how to take off and reinstall the front cover, which is frequently harmed in these kinds of mishaps. Before beginning, make sure to read the full article to avoid any potential complications.


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