SugarCRM Pricing: Everything You Need To Know About It

SugarCRM software is considered a cornerstone of business success. You all are at the right place to know in-depth about SugarCRM Pricing 2021 and its top-grade plans. But first, let’s just gain deeper knowledge about this software and how it can reinforce your business. 

SugarCRM Overview

One of the splendid software of Customer Relationship Management called SugarCRM is embedded with multiple features. We research on this and we want to unlock here that this system is well-known for its functionalities such as Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, marketing analytics, Case reports, etc. However, if anyone wants a suggestion to opt on which CRM software for their business then everyone shares Salesforce CRM. But SugarCRM is also superfine software that allows you to flourish your business in the future. 

Updated SugarCRM Pricing

SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with more than 2 Million users worldwide. SugarCRM is used in 120 countries & 6 languages, which gives an idea about the diversity of software. Now, the question arises, how much capital a business needs to invest to get this software? In this article, we have mentioned the SugarCRM Pricing of every plan that SugarCRM offers.

  • Sugar Serve: Sugar Serve is optimized for customer support personnel. So, they can have easy access to all necessary information in one place. It is priced at $80 per user per month.
  • Sugar Sell: This version is custom-made for Sales Operations. It is priced at $49 per user per month. Users opt for Sugar Sell to provide the utmost customer experience.
  • Sugar Market: If you’re a mid-sized marketing team then Sugar Market would be perfect for you. It will help you gain insights regarding buyers and hone existing marketing campaigns. It is priced at $1,000 per month for 10,000 contacts.
  • Sugar Professional: For a fast-growing business with around 10-500 employees, no other option is better than Sugar Professional. It will just cost you $52 per user per month and you have to pay it annually.
  • Sugar Enterprise: For large enterprises, this would be a perfect customer experience (CX) enhancement tool. It is customizable, secure, and mobile support, and in short everything a business needs. You can get Sugar Enterprise at $85 per user per month.

Final Words

Some great plans with valuable prices. Many have questions like “Cost is too high” or “Taking hefty amounts from every business”. Well, before judging any SugarCRM pricing plans, allow us to share its preeminent functions. Are you geared up to know about its functions?

Some of the salient features of Sugar Professional: are marketing lead management, cloud deployment, online support, Sales automation, and much more. Let’s plunge into Sugar Enterprise now and its features are studio editor, sugar logic, oracle support, email/phone support, etc. 

We will now dive into the top three trending plans of this vigorous CRM software. First is Sugar Market which offers functions like interactive dashboards, ad campaign support processes, seeking reporting and ROI, and much more for your business. And if we talk about Sugar Serve then we have some features to unhide here: a better platform for solving customer queries, a chance to upsurge your business revenue, and can reduce your service cost. Last but certainly not least and the name of the plan is Sugar Sell. It has some accurate functions such as lowering your business cost, boosting business productivity, and will improve business process management.


This is Aashna Khanna a CRM consultant at OutRight Store, a software development company that mainly concentrates on CRM plugin development and deployment. Here, you'll find extensions for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM that can enhance the communication, automation, and efficiency of your existing CRM solution.

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