How to Stop Snoozing Your Alarm Clock?

A lot of us have the habit of snoozing our bedside alarm clocks. As a result, we get late for our work and overall delay the start of our day. But besides losing on time, snoozing has some really bad effects on the body.

According to experts, snoozing alarm clocks makes you groggier and less productive throughout the day. Here’s why: snooze buttons are set usually to last around 10 mins. The amount isn’t nearly enough to complete a sleep cycle. So, the minute the alarm rings again, it’s jolting back your body to awake while you are still in the transitioning phase of sleep. This results in sleep inertia, snooze-training the brain and other bad habits.

If you have a bad habit of snoozing your bedside alarm clock every morning, we have some tips for you.

Place the alarm clock far from your bed

Most people place their alarm clocks beside the bed to hear them properly. But this can also be a reason to hit the snooze button.

Instead, buy a good quality cheap alarm clock from stores like Give & Take. These clocks have a good sound that can be heard from across the room. Now place your alarm clock far away from the bed. This way you will be forced to wake up and turn it off. Once moving, you are less likely to go back to bed!

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Make an exercise routine in the morning

This is killing two birds with a stone.

Make a simple yet cardio-infused exercise routine in the morning. A set of jumping jacks or morning runs will help you to properly wake up. You will feel much energetic and refreshed in the morning.

If you are lacking motivation, there are alarm clocks that help with an energetic song or rolls off the table to get you going.

Adjust your alarm clock to a different time

When your brain gets too accustomed to a specific routine, it gets immune to it. Change your wakeup time by 10 minutes. This way your brain will have a new thing.

Several sleep tracking apps can track your sleep cycle and time your alarm when you are in the lightest stage of your sleep.

Initiate a proper bedtime routine

It is very important to have a healthy bedtime routine in order to get a wholesome sleep at night. Avoid having heavy meals, caffeine or alcohol before sleep. Also, reduce the use of electronics during the night.

Instead create a reading habit, meditation or even a skincare routine before sleep.

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Engaging your other senses in the morning

Today, alarm clocks are more than just sounds. There are kid’s alarm clocks in the market which mimics the rays of the sun. There are air diffusers that can be scheduled to go off each morning.

Engaging your other senses will make the brain wake up. There are even tea or coffee makers that can be scheduled with your alarm clock in the morning. Coffee has a beautiful aroma and antioxidant properties that help with waking up in the morning.

Follow a healthy sleep schedule

If you are sleep deprived it is likely for you to hit the snooze button. Make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Set a realistic alarm time and try to plan your day accordingly.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are working till 11 at night, you cannot expect to wake up at 6 and feel energetic. Set realistic expectations and get your body enough sleep to function properly.


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