Ideal for printing expiration dates, product identification numbers

Linx is the brand distributes exclusively by PRESA at BELUX and is the benchmark in this area. The expertise of this brand has convince us and the high quality and reliability of these machines allow a purchase without fear and extremely high customer satisfaction. This machine is mainly use to affix variable information on each unit product, such as date, time, batch number, product name, or logos.

Printing Machine character

Advantages :

  • Printing on many materials in all directions with a wide speed range: dry and wet glass, films, plastics …
  • Marking on complex surfaces: concave, convex, cylindrical, hollow, with grooves or gutters, cables …

Very vary applications:

  • Wide range of inks for all substrates, of various colors, versatile, food, pigment for the food industry, industrial.
  • Copy protection
  • Printing cables and pipes

User benefits:

  • Low running costs
  • Error-free coding
  • Eliminate production downtime with intelligent ink change system

The machines in action:

Reduction of encoding errors, waste and maintenance costs.

Very easy placement of machines!

The installation is very easy, the machine is place in front of the scrolling product conveyors and the machine automatically detects the passage of products without requiring them to be space the same distance between them!

Accurate and durable coding on a wide range of rubber or plastic products, limits waste resulting from errors and double work. Linx encoders save you time and money.

  • An intuitive user interface, with automatic message selection, ensures that the correct code is select every time.
  • Contactless small character coding (CIJ) systems make it easy to change codes faster than with contact printing systems. Linx encoders can therefore help you reduce downtime during line operation.
  • Thanks to the excellent readability and durability of the codes, ensure by the fast-drying and ultra-UV resistant inks, the codes do not deteriorate or erase, even when store outdoors. Reduce disposal costs.

On request, we will send you an example of the coding of your products to give you an idea. Do not hesitate to explain your activity and the products processe to us, our experts will give you the best advice to optimize your lines!

Printing on your products in plastic, glass, cardboard, and any other surface becomes quick and easy with our Linx machines!

Breweries can’t do without it!

A demanding sector which requires precision and reliability in its production lines.

The brewing industry is probably the industry that typically experiences the need for encoding with small character inkjet machines:

  • High speed of product movement
  • A large number of products to mark
  • Avoid errors that can generate significant costs
  • Varieties of container materials (glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, …)

Quality is essential for large volumes of products to be marked automatically

Thousands of products scrolling per minute, high technological precision require!

Industrad Group, the key player in your production line machines of all types


Eliminate the downtime of your lines by opting for the quality of your industrial marking machines.

What business has never experience the hell of production stoppages due to a faulty machine or line error? End it!

Linx machines are jewels of technology and allow you to increase your profitability by drastically reducing the error and maintenance rate.

Small character inkjet printing is base on the principle of creating characters by a matrix of dots , form of ink droplets. These droplets, electrically charge, are expelled by the nozzle of the print head through an electric field. They are thus precisely deflected to reach the surface to be marked to form a character, an image, a logo …

Each ink droplet is very fine, barely half the diameter of a hair. Expelled at very high speed, around 120,000 droplets per second, they offer high-quality marking.

This non-contact printing technology is particularly versatile for marking products directly on the production line.

To meet health requirements and security or copy protection needs, inkjet technology prints reliable traceability data up to the serialization of products with unique codes.

Available inks allow printing on most materials whatever their porosities, dimensions, shapes or textures, food or not. Some inks dry instantly, making printing possible on products even when they are handled on production lines.

A pioneer in the development of this technology, Linx small character inkjet coding systems benefit from the brand’s extensive know-how and high-quality standards. They are specially designed to allow simple and reliable use while reducing the operating cost over the life of the product.

Savings from the first use.

Lower consumable costs

In ink: use of a standard size nozzle smaller than the other nozzles to reduce consumption by up to 44% .

  • exclusive jet suction system in the gutter,
  • unique dynamic ink viscosity gaziantep escort bayan control system offering the lowest consumption on the market.

Industrad Group is also your supplier of consumables for machine inks . We offer a wide range of consumables that are also compatible with all sectors, in particular the highly regulated agri-food sector.

Lower maintenance costs

  • Defined and guaranteed maintenance intervals : no oil change, no replacement of expensive ink modules, reservoirs or pump changes.
  • Printhead cleaning frequency reduced by 3 , reliable starts thanks to the original design of the printhead and its FullFlush ™ automatic cleaning system.
  • Protection of all critical printhead and printer components facilitating daily operator interventions.

Elimination of the risk of errors and reduction of training costs

Simple, clear screens, easy-to-use menus, and setup wizards guide users in just a few steps and reduce their training time by 50%.
Content control functions ensuring:

  • the integrity and consistency of the information entered by users,
  • automation of message selection with or without barcode reader
  • simplified start-up and shutdown operations to ensure error-free printing

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