Best Ways To Make Your Virtual Christmas Memorable

The festive season is upon us and soon the preparations would be in full swing to celebrate the festive vibe. Despite the excitement among the people, there is a vast majority of people who still prefer celebrating the festival of Christmas virtually. 

Even though people love celebrating Christmas with their nears and dears, the emergence of virtual celebrations. The pandemic has forced people to stay indoors and enjoy their festivities.

While we do agree that connecting with loved ones on Zoom or any other video conferencing platform sounds boring, it can be converted into a memorable experience by following a few practices. 

Even though the excitement of the attendees will be at its peak, it is mandatory to keep them engaged and excited throughout the event and it can be a rather difficult task! 

In this post, we shall be guiding you through a few tips and practices that will help you host a Christmas party that will be cherished by your audience for a long time.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the blog right away and understand how to host a virtual event with successful planning. 

Must-Know Practices For Hosting A Memorable Christmas Party

  • Create an eye-catching virtual Christmas party invite 

First things first, you need to make sure that the invite you send across to your attendees must be catchy. And intriguing enough to motivate them to attend the event. Make sure that the invite has elements of Christmas in it. 

There are various apps online that can be used to create a catchy invitation. Another point to keep in mind is to make. Sure that you send the invites to the attendees weeks before Christmas day. This would help the attendees to keep some time cushion in their schedule for your event. 

  • Organize Ice-breaking activities for more interaction 

The biggest limitation of a virtual party is the inability to interact on a personal level that may lead to an overall decrease in interaction and engagement. Hense avoid this by conducting a few ice-breaking sessions and activities at the beginning of the event. 

You can host fun trivia asking the attendees questions related to their best experiences during Christmas. A few questions can be – favourite Christmas gift? Any  Family Christmas traditions? Favourite food for the holidays? etc. 

You can also ask such questions would make the attendees feel more comfortable and get them talking. This would further urge them to increase their, conversation with fellow attendees as they may share similar experiences or interests. 

  • Include a social wall for more engagement 

Virtual events require a tool that works well to increase the overall engagement of the attendees and we can think of no other option than a social media wall. A social wall is a collection of live or aggregated social media feeds collected from various social media platforms. 

You can motivate your attendees to participate and post content on their social media handles that can, later on, be showcased in the form of a social wall.

You can host a fun activity where your attendees can post their selfies in fun Santa caps, create innovative videos, GIFs, or Christmassy pictures using your event hashtag. 

The content can be aggregated using a social media aggregation tool and posted in the form of a social wall. Although, your attendees will be excited to get featured on a social wall and it would further compel others to also participate and post content. 

  • Send across Holiday goodies 

This is a great strategy to ensure maximum attendance from your attendees. You can create a goody bag as per your budget and send it to the addresses of the attendees before the event. 

A few ideas are to include a Christmas-themed blanket or socks. Snta caps, reindeer headbands, festive candies, scented candles, other accessories, etc. 

To make it more impactful, you can personalize the gift by adding the name of the attendees. You can also include a few Christmas edition coupons or vouchers. Keep the goody bag a secret and your attendees will be surprised and delighted when they receive it. 

  • End the event with a Christmas movie session 

There is nothing better than a virtual movie night and it is important to incorporate this strategy for a long-lasting impression. On your audience and to make them stay till the end. 

Choose a movie based on a Christmas theme and stream it virtually. You can ask your attendees to keep popcorn or wine and cheese to munch on while watching the movie! 

Closing Note 

Let’s call it a wrap and here you have the list of best practices that can be leveraged to host a virtual Christmas event like never before. 

Even though a virtual event may sound monotonous when executed properly. It can surely lead to more engagement and excitement amongst the attendees. 

Go on now, make the most of this festive excitement and start the preps already! 

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