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Is React Native Development Going to Die in 2022?

React Native Development Services

If we were given the task to select ten people around the world, we would see a unique set of different personalities, mindsets, and various likes and dislikes.

But one thing that will be common among that group of people is that each of them will be owning a smartphone with a bunch of apps on it and an internet connection.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives and it looks almost impossible to imagine our life without these extremely engaging apps.

This is where the mobile app development business comes into play. App development companies are making tons of money developing these apps. And this process becomes even more comfortable when mobile app development companies can use cross-platforms to develop their apps.

With cross-platforms developers can create an app that runs on various operating systems, i.e. Android, iOS, and Windows using a single codebase. This way mobile app developers can save huge resources such as time and cost. In the list of best cross-platforms, react native development services stands at the top.

What is React Native Development?

React Native is an open-source cross-platform that lets your developer create high-performing, cross-platform apps using JavaScript. It was developed by Meta (Previously known as Facebook) and released in 2015. It uses the same working principle as React, i.e., hot reloading, component-based structure, and a large ecosystem of developer tools.

This platform is backed by the JavaScript community which is a huge benefit to react native app development services provider in terms of getting coding help in challenging situations.

In our opinion, React Native is the best option to develop your app. However, in the article below, we will be comparing React Native with other cross-platform options available in 2022. Also, we will see is it going to be replaced by its best alternative, i.e. Flutter. Hire the best React Native app development company right now to get your app developed by a team of professional mobile app developers.

What are the Alternatives to React Native in 2022?

Genuinely speaking, we should talk about the fact that there are other cross-platform apps that one can use to create apps that can run on both channels, i.e., Android and iOS. But asking “which platform is the best” is not going to lead to a definitive answer. Because each of them has its unique set of features, another factor that plays an important role is the needs and requirements of the client.

A business might need to look into the allocated budget, the available timeframe, the complexity of the app, the target audience that they are trying to reach, and what they demand from the business.

Flutter is probably the best react native’s alternative available to create apps on cross-platform. It was developed by Google and it is a younger platform than react native.

Other than Flutter, Xamarin is also a worth mentioning platform as an alternative. It was developed by Microsoft and features flexibility and scalability. Nevertheless, it is not a good option for heavy UI-designed apps also it lacks a strong and huge community.

Ionic is another cross-platform that can be a good alternative to React Native app development. Ionic was developed by Driffy Co. and is one of the oldest programming languages.

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Is Flutter Going to Kill React Native?

Straight answer: No! The flutter will not kill React Native in 2022.

Is it not simple like that. A newer technology just does not simply take over the older and prevalent technology. React Native has been the strongest choice for developers around the world to build interactive cross-platform apps. But, it is not wrong to say that Flutter has been gaining huge popularity these years. The fact it is owned by Google, makes it enjoy the freedom of great advertisement.

However, if we look at the bigger picture, each platform will bring more or less the same set of benefits to the table. Such as a consistent user interface, faster pace of development, lower development costs, and easier code maintainability.

Is React Native Dying?

React Native is not going to die anytime soon. JavaScript gives no sign of retiring any time soon, it has been around 1995. For the past few years, it was the most famous programming language on Stack Overflow’s yearly survey.

Therefore, since it gets the advantage of a powerful backup from a numerous and dedicated community, the developers will smoothly find solutions for any problems.

Ending Notes

In conclusion, react native application development services are not going away anytime sooner. It has a huge community of developers, that relies on this technology.

However, Flutter may get a greater market share in upcoming years but it just can not remove the existence of react-native in the cross-platform industry.

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