Know 7 Features To Keep Updating Your OnePlus Mobile Phone

OnePlus Mobile Phone

OnePlus has been successful in creating a loyal customer base in the Indian consumer market. The ever-expanding sale of OnePlus mobile phones can be attributed to varied reasons. First and foremost, OnePlus provides the cheapest of the flagship smartphones.

It makes available premium features in the mid-budget segment, making it a go-to option for Android loyalists. For instance, the OnePlus 9 price in India starts from 46,999 INR, which is much lower than, say, Samsung Galaxy S21 or a Vivo X70 Pro Plus.

Because of channelizing all its efforts in one direction and not entering the entry-level market, OnePlus has been able to sustain the world-class quality of its products. Android mobiles from OnePlus also receive regular updates, which strengthens the safety of the users’ data. 

An operating system is the most vital software incorporated in any smartphone. It handles and manages other hardware and software. The very look and interface of a smartphone rely on the OS. The Latest OnePlus Mobile Phone features a very competent and convenient Oxygen OS, which is based on Android OS.

When you keep updating your OnePlus mobile phone, you access new features accompanying the updated OS. Often, these features remain hidden or are not sufficiently explored. If you update your smartphone to the latest Oxygen OS 11, several facilities will be in store for you. Read on to know seven such features you can savor on your latest OnePlus mobile phone. 

Always-on Display (Insight AOD)

OnePlus has introduced the much-required Always-on Display (AOD) feature in its smartphones. It has been engineered by OnePlus in collaboration with some aspiring students in design from the acclaimed Parsons School of Design located in New York.

And what has been the result of this partnership? It has led to the creation of a colorful and exquisitely beautiful AOD. Users can opt between 12 different AOD styles, and the focus of each has been Digital Wellbeing.

With the incorporation of the Insight AOD, you will have a grasp on the time and notifications without having to turn on the display. It even includes an option to depict the number of times the smartphone has been unlocked.

Improved Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature has become commonplace on most social media applications and OS platforms. With Oxygen OS 11, OnePlus has enhanced the Dark Mode background. In the improved version, you will be able to distinguish between the color tones.

The smartphone will switch and alter the contrast, intensity of hues, etc. to render the content displayed on the screen distinct and readable. You can even schedule the Dark Mode from the settings section.

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Zen Mode 2.0

Zen Mode is among the most popular features that you get with Oxygen OS on your OnePlus mobile phones. It is one innovation that has increased users’ productivity. If you’ve been having a troubled time concentrating on your work and the continuously beeping notifications, the Zen Mode is for you.

It’ll shut out the phone, stop the flood of notifications and compel you to focus on other tasks. It has become a necessary feature in the current times when mobiles have strained person-to-person interaction. Turn on the Zen Mode and spend some precious family time. You can now even invite friends and family members to the Zen Space (provided they are OnePlus users) and chill together. 

Smart Gallery

The gallery is one place that acts as a storehouse of memories. Scrolling up and down the different albums sets in a nostalgic feeling. With the latest update, the gallery has been smarter. A stylish magazine charm enhances the appeal of the photographs.

There’s an addition to the Story feature, allowing you to make a story of your favorite memories save the most enjoyable moments spent with family and friends. 

Dynamic Live Wallpaper

Wallpapers have undergone a substantial change. The Dynamic Wallpapers now alter without any manual instructions depending upon the time of the day. Even the colors of a particular wallpaper depict variations on locking and unlocking the device.

Refurbished UI

OnePlus has committed to increasing the user experience. And the flurry of innovations accompanying its smartphones is a part of the same process. With the latest version of the Oxygen OS, OnePlus has rebuilt the User Interface of the applications. All changes made to make the user experience hassle-free.

New Sans Font

To increase the readability, OnePlus has introduced the all-new Sans Font. This font is clear and easy on the eyes.  You can switch to the Sans font by visiting the Customisation option. 

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