Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2022

Leos will enjoy their marital life as they will have the support and love of their spouse. Love and affection will be abundant from their spouse, which will work as a motivation for Leo natives. You will also establish better bonds with your family members. This month you might get positive returns from the share market or any such investments.

Let’s get to know in detail.

Love Relationship: September will make you take trips and go to a picnic with your partner. You will also feel more spiritual and might visit such places. This might also be true for other family members. Some might look for a Guru and receive guidance. You might take a pilgrimage with your family.

Your love life will blossom with the grace of Jupiter and Venus, which will stay in your first house with the Sun. The first half of the month might also bring some problems, but they will be resolved as the month progresses.

You should control your anger as you might be aggressive during this time. When Sun transits again in the latter month, it will make the situation more pleasant. This will also motivate you to make things better with your spouse. Those in a long-term relationship might take the matter to marriage as they will succeed.

Finance: Money flow will be better if you are in a partnership business. Still, you need to save money for future expenses such as children’s education. Some might have to spend on home renovation or repairs. You should also not lend money to anyone, or it might be difficult to get it back. You should not make any major investment decision; hold such thoughts for some time.

You should always consult a professional or senior if you invest. Some might be inclined to spend money on luxury and comfort; it is advised that you spend only on your needs and not wants.

Career: Those working as Government employees will have a more pronounced period; they will earn more skills and work with more proficiency. There might be new agreements, initiatives, and planning you will be taking. The same is true for people working in the food industry; they might get promotions or increments in their salary. This is the period when you might improve your image at the workplace.

You will deliver before deadlines and complete your work with expertise. The latter half of the month is more favorable, and you will enjoy your position and workplace. This will happen when the lord of your tenth house enters Virgo and your second house.

Mars will be in the tenth house, and it will aspect your fourth house, making you bring comfort and luxury to your home. Hence you might make some expenses. Your peers will seek you as an advisor, and your reputation will improve. This month, you will achieve many things and set an example. This is when your income will increase by leaps and bounds; you might find new sources to earn money.

Business: Businessmen will have an excellent month revolving around profits and progress. Those who have a grocery store will earn well and attract more customers. The same is true for oil and mineral industries; however, they must also be careful before signing any contracts or agreements. Readymade garment stores will earn well and make you more stable.

All in all, this will be a positive time for business people. They will have the support of their peers and seniors. They will be able to set a good example at their workplace and improve their reputation. It is time that you do not get into arguments as your enemies will be active. You must seek advice from seniors regarding investing or making any major financial decision.

Professionals: Professionals might have to bear the extra workload, which will become the cause of mental stress. This is a bright period for doctors or those in the medical profession. Some profits are written for those in the media and printing field.

Health: You should take care of your health as some of you might develop kidney troubles. It is advised that you drink plenty of water and take the help of a specialist. The aged natives might also face breathing issues; it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Approach the physician on time and get the issues resolved.

Student: This month, students will gain significant knowledge and strengthen their scientific principles. They will concentrate and devote enough time to their studies to help them clear their examinations and secure good grades. Those who have graduated and looking for employment will also get a suitable job with a decent salary. Get free today’s panchangam date from astroved

Auspicious dates: 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 30
Inauspicious dates: 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 29

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