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Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel Review for Better Gaming

The recent situations have increased the importance of online racing games. But for the best gameplay experience, no user sat on their couch and used a controller. One thing that is required for a full-fledged racing experience is a wheel.

And among all the options available Logitech G920 driving force wheel remains one of the most talked about. There are wheels available in both higher and lower price ranges. It becomes necessary to find out what comes with this one.

What is the Logitech G920 Driving Force Wheel?

The racing wheel for Playstation, Xbox, and PC proves to be an absolute joy to start with. The device smells like a brand new car with steering wrapped with leather.

The steering unit provides a full 900-degree rotation to give you a realistic feel of a car. The shifters for paddles are decent enough to feel well under the palm for the gamers with an experience of manual gears. Coming next to the three pedals for acceleration, brakes, and a clutch with a control that is progressive in nature for the users.

These pedals give a professional look and feel great to use. While the brake pedal requires a little extra effort, the other two work smoothly.

The wheel is bulky but provides a strong grip. Talking about pedals, they hold some weight behind to hold resistance and give a satisfactory click.

The Logitech G920 driving force wheels have a two-year warranty period for the device. It is compatible with a number of PC games. For a complete catalog, you can head on to the list of compatible games for the device on their website and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage.

To have a completely functional driving force wheel it’s necessary to install Logitech Gaming software 8.70 or a newer version. Also to have a smooth working of these wheels update driving force GT drivers for your Windows or Mac system.

To update these drivers you can manually download the update from the manufacturer’s website. Although, we recommend our readers switch to free driver updater software that can automatically update all your system drivers.

Along with Xbox and playstations these wheels are supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7. And for Mac users mac)S 10.10+.


  • Price
  • 900-degree rotation
  • Quality- Hand stitched cover
  • Standard gas, clutch, and brake pedals


  • No headphone jack
  • Separate buy for shifter
  • Some issues with brake pedal

Easy Conclusions:

  • Feels sturdy to use and well combined
  • A strong grip for players playing racing games online.
  • Buttons like Xbox on the face of the wheel can be easily reachable by your thumb while you play. Also, these buttons can be customized.

Installation and Setup:

For users who ask what comes with G920 Logitech Driving force wheels. Here’s all it has:

  • A steering wheel
  • Pedals
  • An Adapter for power connection
  • Manual for users

The Logitech Driving force wheels has two units i.e Wheel and Pedal and some cable management equipment. The installation process becomes simple as it comes with built-in bolt mounting points for the units.

If you still need any assistance to install or set up your force wheel you can refer to the mount and secure guide for the Logitech G920 Driving Force wheel.

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Logitech Driving Force Wheels: Where to Buy?

The official website of Logitech G sells the wheel at $399.99 (at the time of writing this)  and can make a perfect gift for a gamer or a core gearhead on your list.

Logitech Driving Force wheel: Worth a Buy?

As an overview, the product is an amazing wheel that can justify the price range it falls into. The Logitech G920 Driving Force wheel has ideal force feedback, a comfortable and comprehensive design, a well-built construct, and a pleasing potential to expand as per the gamer’s requirements.

Except for the few listed cons, it works fine with a list of games and feels like a premium device when in use. On the other hand, the pedals can be considered unsatisfactory with a complex layout for buttons that make it imperfect for multiple games.

The pedals require some time to get used to it, and in some cases, the brake pedal can also test your patience and annoy you. Also, the pilot light is too bright for users and has been criticized by them often.

Overall it can prove to be a great choice for someone who wants only an impressive wheel. But when it comes to sim drivers who are too serious might need to go a step further.

You can download the user guide for the wheel in PDF format to know more. If you still have some questions you can read FAQ’’s section on the Logitech G920 driving force wheel’s page. It also has a live chat facility to resolve all your queries.

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