Salary for Hired Doctors – How Much Can You Earn From Companies

What does a staff doctor earn?

A hired doctor or relay doctor generally earns between SEK 80 – 160,000 per month. The salary is greatly affected by whether you have a specialist ID and what specialty you have. Even how many years you have worked in your field and companies can affect. In addition, there are also several other factors that affect the salary such as

  • How much you work
  • When in the day you work
  • Geographical location

Increase your salary by taking staffing assignments

As a hired doctor, you have great opportunities to influence your salary yourself. Our consulting managers are specialists in finding and booking our doctors on staffing assignments that best suit each person. Maybe you want to work more for a period on a more well-paid assignment some distance from home and combine this with assignments or permanent service. Bemanningsföretagsjuksköterska Are you thinking of taking a hired doctor assignment or seeing what it is like to work with us at Svensk Vårdsupport? See our current assignments for doctors here or contact you for an unconditional counseling conversation with one of our consulting managers.

Where do you best earn as a hired doctor?

Established staffing companies such as Swedish Healthcare Support usually have framework agreements with the regions in Sweden where the compensation levels differ between the various framework agreements. A higher salary often means that the assignment is in an area where there is a shortage of doctors – typically outside the metropolitan regions. Since customers then offer higher remuneration to staffing companies, we can also offer higher salaries in these areas. Depending on how the framework agreement is designed in each region, certain specialties may also provide relatively higher compensation in one region than in another. When we calculate compensation for our hired doctors, we always start from our billing levels and calculate a market-based and competitive salary based on this. For more detailed information on where you can earn the best contact us and we will tell you more.

Can I work in my own companies?

With us, you can choose whether you want to work as an employee with a salary or have your compensation paid to a company that you work through. We offer several flexible solutions for you who want to work through your own company. Among other things, we offer so-called self-invoice, which means that you do not have to send invoices to us to get paid. We draw up your invoice automatically and pay the compensation to your company weekly or monthly, just as if you were an employee. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

What does it mean to work as a staff nurse?

Working as a hired nurse via Sens Care means increased flexibility and freedom. As a consultant, you have the whole of Sweden as your workplace and can to a greater extent choose where, when and how much you want to work. Do you want to work more intensively for a period and then go out into the world and travel? Or work as a nurse in a whole new city with new challenges? Another option is to work a little less to create more quality time with the family. The choice lies entirely with you as a staff nurse.

Staffing nurse via Sens Care Companies

We want to be the obvious choice for you as a hired nurse. All of us consulting managers come from healthcare ourselves and many of us have worked as nurses. We want to offer you the highest possible service by constantly following up on how you are doing on your assignments. We believe that working in close dialogue with both you and the customer benefits all parties to an optimal collaboration.

När du arbetar som bemanningssjuksköterska hos Sens Care får du bland annat;

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Good compensation
  • An authorized and certified staffing company
  • Secure terms of employment
  • Collective agreement
  • Liability insurance
  • Occupational pension
  • A committed employer who knows your industry
  • Varying and developing assignments
  • Reduced administration and more time for clinical work
  • Appreciation for your efforts

Sens Care is a staffing company in health care and social work . We have extensive experience and have been around since 2002. With us you can feel safe, Sens Care is an authorized and certified staffing company. We have a collective agreement and occupational pension. We staff with care.

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